Screen shot 2017 03 01 at 9 42 14 am 68fe57cf featured 'Doctor Strange' Honest Trailer Hits the MCU Film Right in the Astral Plane

Screen Junkies' Honest Trailers hit more often than they miss, and they've gotDoctor Strange's number in their latest effort.

Avengers concept art 9fc63f58 featured Marvel Producer Explains the Three Golden Questions that Drive Every MCU Movie

Building a successful franchise is easy, if you ask the right questions.

Dormammu concept 4 eef515d4 featured Yet Another Batch of 'Doctor Strange' Concept Images Make Dormammu Look Like Death

Seriously, just set a stuntman on fire. It's not that hard to get Dormammu right.


Doctor strange c1b38c28 featured 'Doctor Strange' Deleted Scene Rightfully Earns That Title

Hey, here's a scene that wasn't necessary

Doctor strange facebook 001dc7ad featured 'Doctor Strange' Gets, You Guessed It, Strange New Blu-ray Promo

Wanna see a thirty second ad for Doctor Strange run backwards then forward? Then have I got the blu-ray promotional trailer for you!

Tony todd 7c7a0867 featured Tony Todd Was Almost the Voice of Dormammu in ‘Doctor Strange’

In the end we got stuck with some boring guy called “Cumberbatch”.

Fantastic four 7c8b47cb featured 'Doctor Strange' Director Wants the Fantastic Four In the MCU

Now he just needs to convince everybody else at Marvel.

Dormammu 7367dc11 featured Concept Art Shows How Dormammu Could Have Been Very Different in 'Doctor Strange'

No doubt he would have still been mo-capped by Benedict Cumberbatch.

Deadpool 6011d30f featured Remember When We Thought 'Deadpool' Might Get a Best Picture Nomination? Ha! What a Laugh!

Alas, it wasn't meant to be.


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You shouldn't believe everything you read in a Disney fan club newsletter.

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For two movies with a very similar subject matter, Fantastic Beasts and Doctor Strange couldn't be more different.

327781 benedict cumberbatch movies dr  strange af04ce05 featured Movie Review 2: Doctor Strange

Our second review of Marvel's latest isn't as glowing as our first, but there's still plenty of reasons to check out this flick!

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'Doctor Strange' exists simultaneously as both very good and sometimes mediocre.

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The Germans got Doctor Strange before us! If that doesn't rile you up, nothing else will.


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Now that Marvel is finally hitting their stride, they can take more risks in advertising films like Doctor Strange.