Donaldglover atlanta 090216 896d13d8 featured The Internet Rejoices as Donald Glover is Cast as Lando

Finally, a decent reason to watch the Han Solo movie.

Screen shot 2016 10 13 at 7 18 52 am f77bd7e4 featured New 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Trailer Looks Amazing Despite Studio Interference

Come for the new trailer, stay for the angry discussion of studio meddling

Forest whitaker bald 70245ed0 featured Forest Whitaker Joins 'Black Panther' Cast

Whitaker to play his 'Rogue One' character, but this time he's Wakandan.

Rogue one at act e4073c13 featured 'Rogue One' is "An Experiment" According to Disney CEO Bob Iger

Strap in for another round of "stating the obvious"

Adam driver star wars the force awakens 7fa01c77 featured Adam Driver Confirms Major Tonal Shift for 'Star Wars Episode VIII'

Adam Driver thinks audiences will be pleasantly surprised by Episode VIII

Luke skywalker mark hamill star wars force awaken 4148e9be featured Does This Mean Mark Hamill Will Be Back for Episode IX?

Spoiler Alert! Maybe... Kinda...

Palpatine 10f82416 featured Sorry Kids, No Palpatine in 'Rogue One'

So you're saying there's a chance?

Star wars rogue one jyn eerso 40b1955d featured Many Bothans Died to Deliver Us These New 'Rogue One' Set Photos

Yeah, yeah, I know it's from Jedi and not A New Hope, but fuck you for being such a geek.

Lando calrissian han solo c43f1fdd featured We're Probably Gonna Find Out What Han Pulled on Lando

How you doin' Chewbacca?

Rogue one navin johnson 80f2a4ec featured The New 'Rogue One' Trailer Is Here! The New 'Rogue One' Trailer Is Here!

I'm somebody now!

Tarantino bond 130e62b7 featured 5 Auteur Directors That Should Direct Franchise Films

Some franchises could benefit from a visionary director.

The force awakens 4d933e0f featured 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Collector's Edition Blu-ray Coming in November... In 3D!

It's coming at you in 3D this November!

Animated header ba9423f1 featured Live-Action Versions of Animated Films We'd Like to See

Disney is remaking all its animated classics. Why don't other studios join in?

Star wars u wing 492f9eaf featured 'Rogue One' Promo Photos Show off the New U-Wing Starship

Lucasfilm will neither confirm nor deny the rumor that they name their ships by pulling scrabble tiles out of a bag.

Avengers infinity war 1024x576 2d853c46 featured 'Avengers: Infinity War' Now Just One Movie

Hear what the screenwriters have to say about this consolidation

Rocketeer 39a6d965 featured Disney to Reboot 'The Rocketeer' with a Black Female Heroine

Did you guys hear that? It's the sound of a thousand Dorito-dust encrusted fingers undulating wildly across keyboards in basements all over the globe