love is love  comic anthology features harry potter 03 4bfa2405 featured 'Love Is Love' Comic Anthology Art Preview

IDW Publishing and DC Entertainment's "Love is Love" Anthology wasborn out of the tragedy ofthis past summer's mass shooting at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL.

Joe manganiello shirtless 1 d0152f59 featured Joe Manganiello Heaps Praise on Ben Affleck's "Refreshing" Take on Batman

When he's not relaxing in a pool, Joe's chatting about Batman

Screen shot 2016 08 29 at 9 41 39 am fd393cfe web 6cd0e6fe featured Why Ben Affleck Selected Deathstroke as The Batman's Main Villain

Ben Affleck has a lot to say about Deathstroke... Just kidding.


Deathstroke research ff3ec7b1 featured Joe Manganiello Begins Researching Deathstroke

Playing with action figures isn't real research, Joe.

Deathstroke edec56cc featured Walking Six-Pack Joe Manganiello Cast as Deastroke in ‘Batman’ Solo Movie

Finally, a Batman villain that isn't just a guy in a clown costume!

Deathstroke header 77e97b6b featured Fan Made Poster for 'The Batman' Puts Him Face to Face with Deathstroke

Batman's reflected in his sword, because he's going to gut him like a fish.

Screen shot 2016 08 29 at 9 41 39 am fb9147ef featured It Looks Like Deathstroke Will Indeed Be Batfleck's Main Villain

Yesterday's test footage turned out to be a Bat-sized spoiler!

Screen shot 2016 08 29 at 9 41 39 am fd393cfe featured Ben Affleck Posts Video Featuring Deathstroke

Slade Wilson's on his way to the DCEU

Deadpoolrock jpg 8bf9b4d7 featured 5 Rock Stars That Have Weird Things In Common With Deadpool

Deadpool has completely changed the landscape of superhero movies. The Merc With a Mouth SMASHED records with its 132.4 million dollar opening weekend, boasting the biggest...