H6sp0yng0dshflzyby8d 34b3052d featured Remembering Richard Hatch, and a Galactic Sacrifice

Actor Richard Hatch, of Battlestar Galactica fame, passed away this week, but he should be remembered best for a sacrifice that turned into a win.

Ic4risk 92d3f96b featured BATTLE: Who Had The Most Ridiculous Death Scenes, Marvel or DC?

Both Marvel and DC are terribly guilty of killing off characters in grotesque fashion, but who is worse?

Sharon stone jpg 1b62120d featured BATTLE: Who Will Sharon Stone Play In The Marvel Cinematic U?

It's been announced that Sharon Stone has a "wee" role in the Marvel Cinematic U. So who might Sharon be cast as? Steve and I have thought long and hard, and we're going to...