Batfleck bruce wayne 8ccc1a3e featured Ben Affleck Quits ‘The Batman’ In a Huff, Refuses to Direct a Bad Movie

Good job guys, we broke Batfleck. Again.

Jason momoa aquaman 6a59956c featured Jason Momoa Kept His Aquaman Casting a Secret for "Four or Five Years"

Either Jason Momoa can't count, or there's something sneaky afoot at DC.

John cleese fingers in ears 8b3db0ca featured Is John Cleese Hinting At a Role In An Upcoming DC Movie?

Either that, or he's trolling us pretty hard.

Ezra miller the flash 9a196fc0 featured 'The Flash' Script To Be Rewritten By Guy Ritchie's 'King Arthur' Screenwriter

As if this project wasn't mired with enough development woes.

Gal gadot wonder woman 5cc6e8ff featured Inside Source Claims that ‘Wonder Woman’ Sucks

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of hope dying.

Zack snyder facebook a48b663b featured Jason Momoa Calls Zack Snyder a "Genius", For Some Reason

We know he pays your bills, Jason, but come on!

Sterling k brown green lantern cf67b009 featured Sterling K Brown Wants To Play John Stewart in 'Green Lantern Corps'

Silly Sterling K Brown! You're already signed on to Black Panther!

Ben affleck bruce wayne 7bc9e490 featured Ben Affleck Has Successfully Convinced Warner Bros To Delay 'The Batman'

Help us, oh Ben Affleck. You're our only hope.

Wonder woman gal gadot 5acb0514 featured Zack Snyder Promises to Butcher Wonder Woman’s Character in ‘Justice League’

He’s coy about it, but the word “brutal” only has so many meanings.

Batfleck bruce wayne b9d2b4c7 featured Ben Affleck Isn't Sure He Wants To Direct 'The Batman' Anymore

With Warner Bros trying to rush the project, it's hard to blame him.

Margot robbie harley quinn 67157f8e featured Warner Bros to Spin Three Movies Off From ‘Suicide Squad’


Harley quinn 867b0286 featured Warner Bros Has Plenty More DC Content In the Pipeline, Says CEO

DC to focus on appealing to their “rabid” fans, while ignoring anyone without rabies.

Green lantern movie image angela bassett 5cd3c49f featured Angela Bassett to Play T'Challa's Mother in 'Black Panther'

Is a Black Panther-Green Lantern crossover in the works?

John cleese 3ad2ceed featured John Cleese Rumored to Be Cast in Future DC Movie

No word yet on whether or not his father smells of elderberries.

Teen titans 60c5a4ad featured Ray Fisher Cites 'Teen Titans' Cartoon As His Major Inspiration for Cyborg

Maybe if he namedrops enough popular DC cartoons, people will forget that Justice League is going to be terrible.

Batman gun 3ea99b39 featured 'Batman' Script Rumors Made Up, Says Bret Easton Ellis

Proof that comic book fans will believe anything if it's about Batman.