Justice league wonder woman aquaman cyborg f033c240 featured 'Justice League' Makes Up for Lack of Super Bowl Trailer with New Still

Hooooooo doggy! Man, that is one amazing looking still image fromJustice League.

Teen titans 60c5a4ad featured Ray Fisher Cites 'Teen Titans' Cartoon As His Major Inspiration for Cyborg

Maybe if he namedrops enough popular DC cartoons, people will forget that Justice League is going to be terrible.

Cyborg dc4fa790 featured The Flash Director Teases Cyborg Cameo

The search to find someone who actually cares is underway.


Make a wish a3705e80 featured Henry Cavill Reveals 'Justice League' Spoilers for a Good Cause

I don't know that these are truly "spoilers," but it's much more concise to say that rather than "slightly different costumes"

Coejvggvuaidnsa cf3c50a0 featured SDCC 2016 Round-Up: Justice League

We've got a great subtitle... Justice League: Rapid Course Correction

Cmaknf4vyaakq 4 a5419c12 featured Behind the Scenes Pics of Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash's Batman v Superman Cameos

It's a pic bonanza from the set of Zack Snyder's latest flick

Justice league logo black 8bbc4ebb featured The Marketing Floodgates Open for 'Justice League'

Late last week, we began hearing that today was going to be a big day for DC's upcoming Justice League film, and now we know why. WB and DC invited a bunch of press to the...

Dc logos 6d5577a2 featured All the Logos for the DCEU Revealed

So there's been a ton of info released online today about the upcoming Justice League film, and we'll bring you a full wrap-up later today, but DC and WB have just released...

4xae3p1464979775 abc83c3c featured There are Some 'Justice League' Subtitles Floating Around and They All Kinda Suck

Since everything has to have a subtitle now, we knew a title change was coming for DC's big two part Justice League adventure, but you'd better steel yourselves for the...


Wonderwoman1 jpg 3cf6b520 featured Quit Playing Games With My Heart: DC Bumps Up Wonder Woman Release Date, Adds Two More Untitled Films

I've been impatiently salivating over my Wonder Woman film since seeing Gal Godot absolutely KILL it as Diana in Dawn of Batfleck Punching Tires (that's right. My Wonder...

Justice league movie artwork revealed 000 jpg 4a51799a featured How to Fix the DCEU Starting with 'Justice League: Part One'

The internet has almost unilaterally agreed (with the exception of a few apologists, stragglers, deliberately contrarian people and Henry Cavill) that Dawn of Justice was...

The flash cyborg png d9c49a0a featured It Looks Like Cyborg Might Show Up in 'The Flash' Solo Film

The Batman v Superman world non-apology tour continues this week as producer Deborah Snyder—Zack's wife—attempts to hype up those superhero solo films coming out over the...

10 bold predictions jpg 90282c0b featured 10 Bold 'Batman v Superman' Predictions: Number 6 is Gonna Knock Your Dick in the Dirt!

While the rest of the critical community got to see the film last night, I'm going to have to drag my fat average joe ass to the theater on Saturday morning to lay eyes on...

Biohack3 jpg 7a23a713 featured A World of Nope: Biohackers Implant LED Lights Under Their Skin

A biohacking collective out of Pittsburgh known as Grindhouse Wetware has been inspired by the bioluminescence of organisms like jellyfish and fireflies, and have created a...