Sexy police officer deluxe male costume  67268 1351211956 1280 1280 626754e2 featured Zack Snyder Shares Our First Look at J.K. Simmons' Commissioner Gordon

As much as I want this to be real, it's not. I get the feeling that this is what Commissioner Gordon will look like in the inevitable porn parody of Justice League.

Bryan cranston commissioner gordon 32e63bcb featured Bryan Cranston Turned Down Playing Commissioner Gordon

Actor wanted to play a role that hasn't appeared on screen before.

Jk simmons feats of strength 9552e547 featured J.K. Simmons Talks Filming Justice League, Dealing with Jabronis Like Zack Snyder

Everyone's favorite strongman has finished filming on Justice League and is giving us a full report on the process, including his experience working with world class...


Camren bicondova and ben mckenzie film  gotham  in nyc 04 e5ac8599 featured Camren Bicondova And Ben McKenzie Film 'Gotham' In NYC

Filming is underway on the upcoming third season of Fox's hit Batman prequel series Gotham!

Batfleck arkham 9a0388f7 featured Will Ben Affleck's 'The Batman' Be Set in Arkham Asylum?

Get ready for the DC Video Game Cinematic Universe!

J k  simmons feats of strength c1f0197b featured J.K. Simmons Lobbying for a "Badass" Commissioner Gordon

J.K. Simmons bows to no man!

The dark knight returns wallpaper 2 by rollingtombstone d5pwdba 94990252 featured BATTLE: Who Would You Cast in a Live-Action 'The Dark Knight Returns' Film?

Still the Mount Everest of Batman stories after thirty years, Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns remains the gold standard for fans of the character. While WB and DC...

Zod  terence stamp   superman  christopher reeve  e9c9449a featured Come to Me, Son of Jor-El, Kneel Before J.K. Simmons!

The buff actor will make all kneel before him!

Jk simmons final 0367e20b featured J.K. Simmons Sets the Record Straight on Those Buff Pics

No, shockingly, it's not because Zack Snyder demands all his actors get insanely ripped


87 pc 0012 8c247660 featured J.K. Simmons Will Break You in Half

When it was announced that Oscar winning character actor J.K. Simmons was going to be taking on the role of Commissioner Gordon in the DCEU, everyone agreed that it was the...

Ne7vedrojelsaa 1 b jpg 87c7eaa6 featured J.K. Simmons Continues Proud Tradition of Commissioner Gordon Actors Spoiling Plot Points

Okay, so maybe Gary Oldman set that bar unreasonably high when he would spoil Dark Knight and Dark Knight Rises plot points in seemingly every interview he did between 2008...

J k simmons article story large jpg 048bd276 featured More Proof that J.K. Simmons as Cmmr Gordon was the Best Casting Decision in the Entire DCEU

Most directors will tell you that casting the right people is one of your hardest jobs, but if done correctly, it makes everything else you do easier. Kudos then to...

Killingjoke joker glass hat jpg 46f212e5 featured An Extended Look at DC Animation's 'Batman: The Killing Joke'

Most fans were instantly sold when news first broke that Batman: The Animated Series alumni Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill would be back to voice Batman and The Joker...

Jk simmons jpg f1db78dd featured What I Wouldn't Give to See Commissioner Gordon Chuck a Chair at Batfleck's Head

Now that he's got an Oscar, it's hard to call J.K. Simmons one of the most underrated character actors around, but he is just about as versatile as actors get. Simmons...