Chris evans punches david duke 783e8e11 featured Captain America Metaphorically Punches Neo-Nazi in the Face, on Twitter

Chris Evansacted like a real Captain America. On Twitter.

Jeremy renner arrival 3c962757 featured Shawn Levy Yells at Marvel For Hoarding All the Good Actors

"They have really made for tricky scheduling with what is now well over a dozen different actors."

Cap 1a165004 featured The Russo Brothers on Why They Decided Not To Kill Cap at the End of 'Civil War'

There's a really good reason, but you're going to have to read the article to find out what it is...


Scarlett johansson black widow 101035 c838eb80 featured Scarlett Johansson Becomes Highest Grossing Actress of All-Time

Find out where she ranks among her male counterparts!

788934 4f8a75df featured What Does Sebastian Stan Think About a Bucky and Cap Romance?

One of the greatest things about fandom is how we're allowed to see ourselves in superhuman characters, but that's just not enough for a lot of fans. Petitions have been...

Captainamerica winter soldier 06 7451b76c featured Cap and Black Widow Were Supposed to Face Off in 'Civil War'

With all the stuff they managed to include in the two and a half hour Captain America: Civil War, it's hard to believe some stuff actually ended up on the cutting room...

Cap spidey jpg e449bbb2 featured Chris Evans Wants Cap to Cameo in 'Guardians 2' or 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

Chris Evans has really been the glue holding the MCU together, at least onscreen, but he's not really shown up in any other Marvel movies outside of Thor: The Dark World...

3 jpg 7b188646 featured Movie Review 1: Captain America: Civil War

Check out Steve's Spoiler Free review of the latest film in the MCU, Captain America: Civil War, the first film in Marvel's Phase Three!

Screen shot 2016 05 06 at 9 22 22 am png 7dc323b5 featured The 'Captain America: Civil War' Cast Has a Public Domain Sing Along

I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of this new TV ad is, other than to let the cast of Civil War show off their pipes while crooning everyone's favorite public domain...


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Is this the best film in the MCU? Come in and find out...

The avengers 2012 jpg 45688a97 featured Movie Review: The Avengers (2012)

Our spoiler filled review of Joss Whedon's magnum superhero opus The Avengers, or Avengers Assemble as it's apparently known everywhere else buy America.

Captain america the first avenger original jpg a392f6e6 featured Movie Review: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Prior to 2011, Captain America had a rather dubious history outside the confines of the comic book page. Previous attempts to make Cap as cool as he is in the comics on a...

Captain america 201 jpg 13447077 featured 'Captain America' Review-a-Thon Starts Next Week

Since we're still in our relative infancy, we don't have a ton of reviews of comic book movies up on our site, but we're looking to rectify that starting next week. In...

Russo brothers jpg 7782e353 featured The Russo Brothers Talk Civil War, Infinity War, and Various Other Marvel Wars on the Horizon

Anthony Russo and his brother—and Nick DiPaolo lookalike—Joe are two of the luckiest guys in Hollywood. They started out directing criminally under-seen comedies like...

Captain america civil war teams jpg 9fd76ad6 featured Wanna Know What the Second Post-Credits Scene in 'Civil War' Involves? Read On!

I shouldn't have to say this, but Spoilers Ahead


Captain america civil war death of major character jpg 125297d4 featured Still A Better Reason Than Bucky: Cap and Iron Man Battle It Out Over A Donut In This Promo Spot

Here's Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. facing off over the last sprinkled donut