Anson mount d58d10aa featured 'Inhumans' Casts Ol' Tommy Triplecoat Up There as Black Bolt

I'm always upset when I remember that Anson Mount is not the guy who played Potsie on Happy Days.

Jason momoa aquaman 1eba8400 featured Nicole Kidman Confirmed for 'Aquaman'

This means that Nicole Kidman and Jango Fett somehow created Jason Momoa... Figure that shit out!

1035x695 20140515 samljackson x1800 1400186472 33c23be9 featured No Nick Fury in 'Black Panther' But He Might Show Up in 'Captain Marvel'

Samuel L. Jackson somehow manages to get upset when Marvel goes out of its way to not be racist


1140 michael douglas smile esp imgcache rev1455828587895 web 8a1b59ec featured Cunnilingus-Related Cancer Survivor Michael Douglas to Return for 'Ant-Man and the Wasp'

We must never forget the dangers of cunnilingus, and thanks to Michael Douglas, we never will

Download 2f435b88 featured Gangsta's Paradise Lost: Coolio Convinced He Was Going to Play Scarecrow in Scrapped 'Batman and Robin' Sequel

Get a glimpse into Coolio's world, where it's always 78 degrees and it's always 1999

Millie bobby brown godzilla 44542aca featured Every Little Step Millie Bobby Brown Takes, Godzilla Will Be There

No word on whether or not she will follow in her namesake's footsteps and record a rap that sums up the plot of the film as the other Bobby Brown did forGhostbusters 2.

Sigourney2 097b3e65 featured Veteran Badass Lady Sigourney Weaver's Character Revealed For Defenders

The internet has been trying to guess which famous Marvel baddie would be played by Alien's Sigourney Weaver since it was announced that she'd signed on for the show. Well,...

Sterling k brown 927f2231 featured Sterling K Brown Joins The Cast of 'Black Panther'

Marvel sure likes to drag out their casting announcements.

Christian bale han solo 885eca52 featured Christian Bale passed on 'Han Solo' Mentor Role? Oh Goooooooooooood For Him!

Christian Bale is done visiting children's hospitals!


Screen shot 2016 12 23 at 9 00 22 am 8ff82647 featured Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding, Ding... Lex Zuckerberg Will Be Back in 'Justice League'

While he didn't turn up, as rumored, inSuicide Squad, Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor will indeed be back to crazy up the joint all over again in the upcomingJustice League.

Sasha williams b3631da8 featured 'Star Trek: Discovery' Casts Sonequa Martin-Green In Lead Role

Get ready for the inevitable boycotts from Trump supporters.

Billy dee williams harvey dent 4561f06d featured Billy Dee Williams Is Finally Going to Play Two-Face

Such a shame it’s only in TheLEGO Movie spinoff.

Star trek discovery new cast af069cb1 featured Doug Jones and Anthony Rapp Join the Cast of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Well that’s odd. That actually sounds like a good idea.

James remar 92b1cb93 featured James Remar To Join the Cast of 'Gotham'

Oh good, another creepy weirdo on the show.

Khaleesi han solo 0d871ff3 featured The Mother of Dragons to Tussle With Han Solo

Freed from the shackles of a failedTerminatorreboot trilogy, Emilia Clarke is bringing her talents to South Beach—aka the Han Solo prequel.


Fantastic scarves and where to wear them 49396395 featured Johnny Depp Bringing His Extensive Scarf Collection to 'Fantastic Beasts' Sequel

Depp will be playing the little known Sebastian Scarvelous, owner of Marvelous Scarvelous' Scarves for the Somnambulant, a specialty retailer in Diagon Alley