C2t1o12 uaaef4bvb cc40d959 featured 'Black Panther' Brings Back Martin Freeman Because Why the Hell Not?

Every movie need more Bilbo#ThisMovieNeedsMoreBilbo

Stores1315346403 41a830cd featured Accessorizing Aficionado Johnny Depp Playing Evil Wizard Sebastian Scarvelous

The Depp in his natural habitat

Dream casting feature 8150a22e featured "Dream" Casting a Sandman TV series

Who would you pick to play the Endless?


Dane cook 324696 e8cc3709 featured Dane Cook Is Playing A Very Dane Cook-Like Character In American Gods

Dane Cook—the man who embodies what would happen if Axe body spray made people—has been cast in Brian Fuller's adaptation of American Gods.

Stranger in paradise 6 bao 7a175206 featured BATTLE: Who Would You Cast In a Live-Action Strangers In Paradise Film?

Happy Pride month, everyone! As a queer girl, Terry Moore's saga Strangers In Paradise was one of the first comic mediums that really made me feel represented. But beyond...

Bond1 jpg 187e1910 featured BATTLE: Who Should Be the Next James Bond?

So we know Daniel Craig and Sam Mendes won't be back for another go around with the James Bond franchise, and the producers need to cast a new Bond to keep the legacy...

Odin loki thor marvel movie film gods norse mythology myth myths heathen jpg 7f6b30b6 featured Mel Gibson Actually Turned Down a Substantial Role in the MCU

Once upon a time, Mel Gibson was a god in Hollywood. Then everyone found out his father was insane, he got drunk and called a cop "sugar tits," had some choice words for...

Tom cavanagh zack snyder jpg 3f6886ef featured The Flash's Tom Cavanagh Wants to Tell Zack Snyder a Thing or Two About a Thing or Two

Back in March, we reported on Zack Snyder's thoughts on why TV's Flash, played by Grant Gustin, wasn't extreme enough to fit into his vision of the DC Cinematic Universe....

Screen shot 2016 03 29 at 8 57 15 am png 4e409d75 web png 880b8288 featured RUMOR MILL: Is This BIG Villain In JUSTICE LEAGUE?



Tumblr mlbfzgwwv21rlo1q2o1 1280 jpg 20934cf0 featured Russell Crowe Seemingly Confirms He's Playing Jekyll and Hyde for Universal

Last week we told you that Russell Crowe was in talks to join Universal's Monster Cinematic Universe as Dr. Henry Jekyll, and now the actor has seemingly confirmed as much...

Captain marvel movie rumors 759 jpg f2033755 featured Does 'Captain Marvel' Have a Director? Will She Be in 'Infinity War'?

As we reported a few weeks ago, Marvel was close to signing a director and star with the same first name for their upcoming Captain Marvel film. Now it looks as though we...

Hobie jpg a28caf81 featured From Hobie Doyle to Han Solo: Alden Ehrenreich Lands Coveted Role

Both lovers and haters of the latest Coen Brothers film Hail, Caesar!—I'm somewhere in between—can all agree that the breakout star of the film was Alden Ehrenreich. We're...

Cruise crowe mummy jpg 3bebae67 featured Russell Crowe Might Play Jekyll and Hyde in Tom Cruise's Mummy Movie

Universal's Monster Cinematic Universe is coming together like a glorious Mad Lib. With Johnny Depp signing to play The Invisible Man, David Koepp writing Bride of...

272232795f7710a6debe18ee80e2cb0d jpg 29547b35 featured Let Your Soul Glo as Eriq La Salle Joins 'Wolverine 3'

Over the last few years, Eriq La Salle has made a nice, quiet transition from emergency room hunk to accomplished television director. Though he still does on camera work,...

Taylor swift nei panni di dazzler jpg 2501db68 featured Did Sophie Turner Hint That Taylor Swift Is Our New Dazzler?

Sophie Turner may have revealed our new Dazzler for X-Men: Apocalypse, and it might be a doozy of a casting!


Vikander jpg 8d7c038e featured Our New Lara Croft is...Alicia Vikander

In probably the best casting example of bringing an Uzi to a knife fight, Oscar winner Alicia Vikander has been cast as Lara Croft in the new Tomb Raider film. The film,...