1035x695 20140515 samljackson x1800 1400186472 33c23be9 featured No Nick Fury in 'Black Panther' But He Might Show Up in 'Captain Marvel'

Samuel L. Jackson somehow manages to get upset when Marvel goes out of its way to not be racist

Captain marvel space b5b32235 featured 'Captain Marvel' Writer Discusses the Challenges of Writing a Female Superhero

It's not easy when Marvel really doesn't want to make a female-led movie.

Dwayne johnson black adam 9c9dbf22 featured Dwayne Johnson Will Turn ‘Shazam!’ Into a Movie About Black Adam

Second, unrelated movie about Captain Marvel coming at a much later date.


Captain marvel 6aef1e99 featured Captain Marvel to Be More Powerful Than Any Other MCU Superhero

Get ready to see Carol Danvers "punch the moon away from a spacecraft".

Captain marvel 48316dba featured Kevin Feige Explains the ‘Captain Marvel’ Director Hiring Process

He has no idea how to make a female-led movie.

Alan ritchson 526065l beauty and the beast fan casting beast jpeg 290098 936ddc27 featured Is This Hunk Really Playing 'Shazam'?

I don't know if the USA Network still uses the tagline "Characters Welcome" but DC Films should appropriate that and start using the tagline "Hunks Welcome," because it is...

Brie larson marvel hat be0f5435 featured Brie Larson Has “Very Specific Reasons” For Doing Captain Marvel

Brie Larson's going to take on Male Hollywood single-handed. Are you going to try and stop her?!

Kamala kahn 7a927368 featured Ms Marvel To Appear “In Other Media”, Says Joe Quesada

Get ready for some cinematic embiggening!

Captain marvel movie a34ba118 featured Add Another Contender to the 'Captain Marvel' Directorial Race

Electrick Children director Rebecca Thomas is also on the shortlist that includes Niki Caro, Lesli Linka Glatter, and Lorene Scafaria


Captain marvel directors 3a38c74c featured ‘Captain Marvel’ Director Search Reaches Shortlist

Marvel's eclectic list proves the only requirement for the job is a pair of X chromosomes.

Captain marvel b9314d6c featured Russo Brothers Tease Captain Marvel in ‘Infinity War’

Directors reveal there's at least one new character debuting in the next 'Avengers' movie.

Captain marvel realisatrice marvel brie marson 1f10b37f featured 'Captain Marvel' Getting New Origin Story to Deflect 'Green Lantern' Comparisons

Visions of Ryan Reynolds won't dance in your head during this one

Brie larson reading captain marvel d28b900e featured Brie Larson Shares a Photo of Her Intense Preparation for Captain Marvel

Many actors have to go through a lot to prepare for roles as superheroes

Black panther captain marvel 05f52fad featured SDCC 2016 Round-Up: Black Panther and Captain Marvel

Check out some new info on two of Marvel's most anticipated Phase Three films

Brie larson captain marvel 2 jpg fa9a21b4 featured At Long Last, We May Have Our Captain Marvel

So for the longest time, all the Captain Marvel casting talk swirled around Emily Blunt, and eventually directors named Emily who could helm the film, but all that talk...


The rock black adam jpg 8499755f featured 'Shazam!' Producer Promises Film Will Be "A Ton of Fun"

Much like one of your asshole buddies in high school describing his night with a heavy set girl, the producer of the Shazam! movie used the phrase "a ton of fun" to...