Michael shannon a9b42976 featured Michael Shannon Weighs in on 'Batman v Superman' and His Response is a Delight

You will never be as cool as Michael Shannon. The sooner you accept this, the happier you'll be.

1401x788 cap superman 964bff06 featured Nicolas Cage Finally Weighs in on 2016's Comic Book Movies

Hollywood's reigning king of bad decision making has some thoughts on this year's comic book movie offerings

Justice leaguetrailer flash b2c49bf8 featured 'The Flash' Loses a Second Director

Have DC checked behind the back of the couch?

Batman superman jeremy irons 900x600 dc8bbb14 featured Jeremy Irons Promised "A Bit More Alfred" in Affleck's 'The Batman'

Jeremy Irons has got women half his age to fuck, he doesn't need you wasting his time.

Gal gadot wonder woman 2017 5k wide 9c48c3f4 featured Gal Gadot Assures Us That 'Wonder Woman' Is Nothing Like 'Batman v Superman'

Honestly, it would take a really shitty movie at this point to be worse than anything we've seen thus far, so I'm not too worried about this one.

91six r6rfl  sl1500  e617171f featured 'Batman v Superman' Ultra-Limited Fully Extended Edition Coming for Christmas... Because God Hates You

God e-mailed me this morning and told me to share this with you because he fucking hates your guts

Batman 2616098a featured Time Warner CEO: There’s “A Little Room For Improvement” With the DCEU

Jeff Bewkes knows DC movies aren't great. He just doesn't care.

John boorman excalibur 7d3b2e8f featured It Won't Surprise You To Learn That Zack Snyder Has a Hard-On for 1981's 'Excalibur'

Even Zack Snyder knows a good movie when he sees one

Amy adams lois lane1 ca94cd9e featured Amy Adams is the Latest to Confirm 'Justice League' Will Be Different than 'BvS'

The DCEU's Lois Lane is the latest person who wants us to know that Justice League is going to be absolutely nothing like Batman v Superman!

Justice league 2017 movie wide 9c4a0dab featured Geoff Johns Talks About the Kinder, Gentler DCEU to Come

DC Entertainment head Geoff Johns promises more hope, optimism, and puppies

Gallerychar 1900x900 boostergold 52ab8b16cab6b4 43568615 6cead72e featured That Booster Gold Movie is Still Coming, Won't Be Part of the DCEU

Executive Producer Greg Berlanti claims the film has "no connective tissue" to the established DC Film Universe

0804 mel02 0513f730 featured Mel Gibson Thinks 'Batman v Superman' is "A Piece of Shit"

While we lament the loss of a potentially insane Mel Gibson performance in a Marvel movie, he pops his head back out to let us know that he's apparently not interested in...

Ic4risk 92d3f96b featured BATTLE: Who Had The Most Ridiculous Death Scenes, Marvel or DC?

Both Marvel and DC are terribly guilty of killing off characters in grotesque fashion, but who is worse?

Bvs kevin smith fa1a8ad1 featured Kevin Smith Talks 'Justice League' and Batman v Superman's Failure to Connect

Don't forget, this guy won a science fair in eighth grade by turning his mother's vibrator into a CD player using chicken wire and shit.

76992 3 d4f2c1df featured Why Do We Like Our Heroes Damaged?

Once upon a time, heroes and superheroes were people we looked up to.

Man of steel skulls ca9b37a9 featured Deborah Snyder Says You’re Wrong for Thinking ‘Man of Steel’ is Dark

"He’s going through real problems that we go through as people every day." Like sinking into a pit of human skulls.