Cbm2016 6626df43 featured The Definitive Ranking of 2016's Comic Book Movies

The Double Viking team tackles the year that was in comic book movies with our definitive ranking

Michael shannon a9b42976 featured Michael Shannon Weighs in on 'Batman v Superman' and His Response is a Delight

You will never be as cool as Michael Shannon. The sooner you accept this, the happier you'll be.

91six r6rfl  sl1500  e617171f featured 'Batman v Superman' Ultra-Limited Fully Extended Edition Coming for Christmas... Because God Hates You

God e-mailed me this morning and told me to share this with you because he fucking hates your guts


Screen shot 2016 08 03 at 8 53 04 am 7f405cb2 featured DC Fans Want Rotten Tomatoes Shut Down Because of Negative 'Suicide Squad' Reviews

The never-ending battle between fanboys and critics rages on!

Doomsday concept art 9f98d0db featured 'Batman v Superman' Concept Art Reveals a Much Bigger Doomsday

Bigger isn't always better, despite everything we know about Zack Snyder's train of thought

Screen shot 2016 07 20 at 10 45 00 am 15a057a1 featured 'Batman v Superman' Honest Trailer Gets Brutally Honest

Or as they call it "Fans v Batman v Superman v Critics v Other Fans v Executives v Zack Snyder v Expectations"

Batman vs superman trailer image 10 1f1d2ad4 featured Warner Brothers Releases First Ten Minutes of 'Batman v Superman: Fully Extended Cut'

Check out what additions have been made just to the first ten minutes of the movie!

Cmaknf4vyaakq 4 a5419c12 featured Behind the Scenes Pics of Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash's Batman v Superman Cameos

It's a pic bonanza from the set of Zack Snyder's latest flick

Batman v superman trailer 304 802a8293 featured The Fully Extended Cut of 'Batman v Superman' Has Been Seen... What Additions Await?

While I wouldn't go so far as to call Batman v Superman: Dawn of Sequels a rousing success, it had its fair share of issues which all seemed to stem from Zack Snyder...


416422673 d509508392 785ac526 featured 'Batman v Superman' Cinematographer Has a Word of Warning About Extended Cut

If you hated Batman v Superman but were operating under the delusion that thirty extra minutes of footage would somehow miraculously make it better, allow the film's...

Fully extended edition jpg ee960442 featured 'Batman v Superman' Ultimate Edition Running Time Revealed

While the marketing team certainly bungled this thing by dubbing it the "Ultimate Edition" rather than the "Fully Extended Edition," a longer cut of Batman v Superman: Dawn...

Batman v superman dawn of justice zack snyder ben affleck 1024x683 jpg a6cc8f2c featured 'Batman v Superman' Editor Throws Zack Snyder Right Under the Bus

That's as close as I could get to a picture of Zack Snyder getting thrown under a bus

Screen shot 2016 04 15 at 2 46 42 pm png ba7850a3 featured Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy in 90 Seconds

The creative minds over a Burger Fiction have de-fluffed the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, condensing Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight...

Bzf2rn1459178093 jpg 09155199 featured Double Viking v Batman v Superman: SPOILERS!!!!

As you could tell from our individual reviews, Brandy and I had very different opinions on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, there were many points we couldn't...

1401x788 batman superman wonderwoman jpg d58189b4 featured 'Batman v Superman' Opens to Pre-Summer Record $170 Million Weekend

Critics be damned, people wanted to see Batman and Superman punch one another into submission for themselves to the tune of $170.1 million in North America this weekend,...


Bvsquad2 jpg 1e0d4ff0 featured Movie Review 1: 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

Our first of two spoiler-free reviews of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice