Black mask b05a408b featured David Ayer Teases Black Skull for ‘Gotham City Sirens’

Because Jared Leto burned his bridges with DC, so obviously the Joker’s out.

Batfleck bruce wayne ad529b82 featured Matt Reeves U-Turns, Agrees to Direct 'The Batman'

May Zod have mercy on his soul.

Indiatva337e6 ridley scott 81cf0032 featured Today in Yeah Right: Ridley Scott Waiting in Wings if No One Else Directs 'The Batman'

Here's Ridley Scott doing the Crocodile Dundee trick where he puts Christian Bale to sleep after a take


Batfleck 3352b6a9 featured So, Is Ben Affleck Done Playing Batman or What is it?

Mark my words, if Affleck is out, they kill him off at the end of Justice League.

Lego batman movie villains 3aa9b1e6 featured 'LEGO Batman' Director Dishes on Villains He Didn't Get to Put in the Film

Believe it or not, there were actually a number of villains that didn't appear inThe LEGO Batman Movie, and if you've seen the film, you're likely scratching your head over...

Download 2f435b88 featured Gangsta's Paradise Lost: Coolio Convinced He Was Going to Play Scarecrow in Scrapped 'Batman and Robin' Sequel

Get a glimpse into Coolio's world, where it's always 78 degrees and it's always 1999

Thelegobatman trailer4 99899dd7 featured Movie Review: The LEGO Batman Movie The LEGO Batman Movie may not measure up to its LEGO Movie predecessor, but it manages to be the best Batman film in years
Lando 11fd7c2a featured Billy Dee Williams Talks About Donald Glover Behind His Back

Here’s what the original Lando had to say about his replacement after their lunch date last week.

Zack snyder jpg ecbf217a web c4314846 featured Now There's a Petition to Let Zack Snyder Direct More DCEU Films

What the fuck, internet?


Batman lego e1d17a0a featured Batman Gives Us a Tour of the Lego Mansion He Shares With "Roommate" Bruce Wayne

It's enough to make your ten-year-old self cry tears of joy.

Ben affleck batman promo 9fbdd5df featured Five Actors Who Could Replace Ben Affleck as Batman

For the sake of something fun to do while we sit around and wait to die, let's speculate on actors who could take over the role today

Batfleck bruce wayne 8ccc1a3e featured Ben Affleck Quits ‘The Batman’ In a Huff, Refuses to Direct a Bad Movie

Good job guys, we broke Batfleck. Again.

John cleese fingers in ears 8b3db0ca featured Is John Cleese Hinting At a Role In An Upcoming DC Movie?

Either that, or he's trolling us pretty hard.

Affleck bomb phantoms 2bb25bcb featured Ben Affleck Knows He Was the Bomb in Phantoms, Yo... Stop Telling Him!

Affleck talks Batman, Sad Affleck, and how he was the bomb in Phantoms, yo

Ben affleck batman f8269455 featured Guys! Seriously, Guys, Seriously... Stop Asking Ben Affleck About This Batman Movie of His

Leave Ben Affleck ALONE!!!!


Vulture spider man homecoming e1481300527771 eb06edd1 featured Michael Keaton Teases a "More Interesting Than I Thought" Vulture in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

Keaton offers some insight on to what attracted him to a villainous comic book role