Affleck bomb phantoms 2bb25bcb featured Ben Affleck Knows He Was the Bomb in Phantoms, Yo... Stop Telling Him!

Affleck talks Batman, Sad Affleck, and how he was the bomb in Phantoms, yo

Ben affleck batman f8269455 featured Guys! Seriously, Guys, Seriously... Stop Asking Ben Affleck About This Batman Movie of His

Leave Ben Affleck ALONE!!!!

Vulture spider man homecoming e1481300527771 eb06edd1 featured Michael Keaton Teases a "More Interesting Than I Thought" Vulture in 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

Keaton offers some insight on to what attracted him to a villainous comic book role


Ben affleck batman 564f5c33 featured Ben Affleck Wants Fans To Chill Out About 'The Batman'

"I'm working! Can you give me a second?!"

Lego batman movie beff9ed6 featured New ‘Lego Batman Movie’ TV Spots Prove That It’s Great To Be Batman

Millions of fans, zero friends, what’s not to love?

Michael keaton batman 61759c66 featured Michael Keaton Explains Why He Didn’t Do Joel Schumacher’s ‘Batman Forever’

“Let me simplify it for you: it sucked.”

Jeremy irons ac16dcee featured "Alfred is Just the Batman" Says Presumably Confused Jeremy Irons

Alfred says the movie will start filming in Spring, but will hold off judgement until he sees the script.

Batman 71d0ef30 featured Ben Affleck Is Taking His Sweet Ass Time With 'The Batman' Script

Sounds like Batfleck's getting a lot of pressure from Warner Bros to just squeeze one out regardless of quality.

Screen shot 2016 12 12 at 9 40 05 am 865db3c5 featured New 'The LEGO Batman Movie' Trailer Spotlights The Joker

At the very least, this will be the best DC movie of 2017, and right now, I think DC will settle for that.


Lego batman poster 68480aa2 featured New Poster Confirms that ‘The LEGO Batman’ Movie is the DC Movie We Deserve

And also, it's definitely the one we need right now.

Billy dee williams harvey dent 4561f06d featured Billy Dee Williams Is Finally Going to Play Two-Face

Such a shame it’s only in TheLEGO Movie spinoff.

Superhero parody   robin s big date 1d6b9cc7 featured The Funniest Superhero Parodies

Satirical takes on Superman, Batman, X-Men, and more.

James remar 92b1cb93 featured James Remar To Join the Cast of 'Gotham'

Oh good, another creepy weirdo on the show.

Lego batman minifigs ee5f5afb featured 'The LEGO Batman Movie' Minifigure Assortment is Amazing

With the film ready to hit theaters in February, the merchandising is starting to ramp up—this is a property based on a toy after all—and the LEGO sets we've seen thus far...

Devito 159535 e32eef01 featured Happy 72nd Birthday to Danny DeVito

Whether you know him best as Martini fromCuckoo's Nest, The Penguin fromBatman Returns, Frank fromIt's Always Sunny, "Unkey" Herb Powell fromThe Simpsons, Louie DePalma...


Green hornet tv show b3e43e21 featured Gavin O'Connor To Direct The 'Green Hornet' Reboot That Nobody Asked For

Hopefully his enthusiasm for the movie will continue even after nobody goes to see it.