Avengers infinity war ab25afb7 featured Fake News: 'Avengers: Infinity War' Isn't Gonna Cost a Billion Dollars

Christ on a cracker, people, consider your source!

1035x695 20140515 samljackson x1800 1400186472 33c23be9 featured No Nick Fury in 'Black Panther' But He Might Show Up in 'Captain Marvel'

Samuel L. Jackson somehow manages to get upset when Marvel goes out of its way to not be racist

Benicio del toro 46a77617 featured Benicio Del Toro is in Atlanta, Therefore He Must Be in 'Avengers: Infinity War'

If you've been in a Marvel movie and find yourself in Atlanta these days, everyone's going to assume you're showing up in Avengers: Infinity War


Liv tyler ec245b83 featured Liv Tyler Rumored To Return For 'Infinity War' and Future 'Avengers' Movie

Could this be part of a plan for a World War Hulk adaptation?

Hawkeye ac374ad0 featured Jeremy Renner Confirms His Role in 'Infinity War'

Three cheers for the return of Hawkguy (or whatever his name is).

Spider man captain america civil war e6a93b13 featured Will Spider-Man Be in Avengers: Infinity War? Maybe Not...

If Spidey is gonna show up in the film, no one's told Tom Holland yet

Russo brothers avengers infinity war 2c266d55 featured The Russo Brothers Talk 'Civil War' Deleted Scenes, 'Infinity War' Challenges

In two separate interviews, the brothers talked quite a bit about the story construction of Civil War, and how the choices they made for the film have an enormous impact on...

Russos tease new characters for avengers infinity war explain why it s bigger than c 929748 cb777551 featured The Russo Brothers Further Explain the Infinity War/Avengers 4 Situation

When will we find out the title for Avengers 4? At some point.

Avengers infinity war 1024x576 2d853c46 featured 'Avengers: Infinity War' Now Just One Movie

Hear what the screenwriters have to say about this consolidation


Avengers infinity war logo joe steiner jpg 71607038 featured 'Infinity War' Writers Talk About the Difficulty of Coordinating Such a Massive Undertaking

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have been a screenwriting team for quite some time, and when they landed the job writing Avengers: Infinity War, it instantly became...

Captain marvel movie rumors 759 jpg f2033755 featured Does 'Captain Marvel' Have a Director? Will She Be in 'Infinity War'?

As we reported a few weeks ago, Marvel was close to signing a director and star with the same first name for their upcoming Captain Marvel film. Now it looks as though we...

Thanos infinity gauntlet1 e1441871153153 jpg 425b082a featured The Russo Brothers Talk Infinity War, Black Widow Solo Film, and Wolverine in the MCU

Provided Civil War doesn't help them fall out of favor with the fans—and it won't—The Russo Brothers are the future architects of a lot of big things in the MCU. Therefore,...

Russo brothers jpg 7782e353 featured The Russo Brothers Talk Civil War, Infinity War, and Various Other Marvel Wars on the Horizon

Anthony Russo and his brother—and Nick DiPaolo lookalike—Joe are two of the luckiest guys in Hollywood. They started out directing criminally under-seen comedies like...

Favreau downey jr jon favreau wants robert downey jr back for iron man 4 jpeg 5301ad2e featured Jon Favreau Returns to the MCU as Executive Producer of 'Infinity War'

As John Lennon once said, time wounds all heals, and nowhere is that more true than in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Having helped to establish the tone, certainly for the...