Aquaman justice league underwater 850e314b featured Zack Snyder Shows Us How Aquaman Moves Underwater

Yesterday was Zack Snyder's birthday and he was hard at work onJustice Leagueduring his special day

Jason momoa aquaman 1eba8400 featured Nicole Kidman Confirmed for 'Aquaman'

This means that Nicole Kidman and Jango Fett somehow created Jason Momoa... Figure that shit out!

Jason momoa aquaman e3529365 featured Jason Momoa Praises Zack Snyder, Hits People With A Stick

Not both at the same time, though.


Justice league wonder woman aquaman cyborg f033c240 featured 'Justice League' Makes Up for Lack of Super Bowl Trailer with New Still

Hooooooo doggy! Man, that is one amazing looking still image fromJustice League.

Jango fett 876d0af3 featured Star Wars' Temuera Morrison In Talks To Play Aquaman's Dad

Well, he's hardly a worse choice than Nicole Kidman.

Aquaman 09183a61 featured 'Aquaman' Casts Black Manta and (Possibly) Arthur Curry's Mom

Somehow this movie is the best DC has to offer?

Jason momoa aquaman 6a59956c featured Jason Momoa Kept His Aquaman Casting a Secret for "Four or Five Years"

Either Jason Momoa can't count, or there's something sneaky afoot at DC.

Screen shot 2017 01 25 at 12 15 44 pm 44faafca featured The Gang's Mostly Here in First 'Aquaman' Cast Pic

This picture sends a powerful message to Johnny Depp

Zack snyder facebook a48b663b featured Jason Momoa Calls Zack Snyder a "Genius", For Some Reason

We know he pays your bills, Jason, but come on!


Aquaman d15d865a featured ‘Aquaman’ Movie Will Be “Fun”, Says Screenwriter Will Beall

A few jokes might not be enough to save this franchise.

Fury road stunt ba7c69fc featured 'Fury Road' Stunts Team to Handle 'Aquaman'

Because deserts and oceans are basically the same, right?

Superman in the rain d1c99fbd featured Charles Roven Explains ‘Justice League’s “Lighter” Tone

Apparently it's Australia's fault that he was fired from producing Aquaman.

Patrick wilson 081a08fd featured Patrick Wilson is Super Excited About Aquaman's Special Effects for Some Reason

Don't get ahead of yourself, Patrick. Your job is just to believably pretend to be a fish person.

Nite owl 1ea96ee1 featured Patrick Wilson To Play Ocean Master In 'Aquaman'

Another Watchmen actor secures a role in the DCEU.

Jason momoa b57fe09b featured 'Aquaman' Has Been Delayed Until October 2018

Surely this must be the death of the DCEU.


Justiceleague jpeg 55beda77 web 07d932d6 featured Willem Dafoe's Role in 'Justice League' Sets Him Up For Bigger Things in 'Aquaman'

Willem Dafoe on going from trying to kill Spider-Man to helping Aquaman