Arrival movie 2016 whitaker adams renner 9eac5eb8 featured Movie Review: Arrival

'Arrival' is not only a modern masterpiece, but it inadvertantly serves as a fitting commentary on the coming Trump Era.

Amy adams lois lane1 ca94cd9e featured Amy Adams is the Latest to Confirm 'Justice League' Will Be Different than 'BvS'

The DCEU's Lois Lane is the latest person who wants us to know that Justice League is going to be absolutely nothing like Batman v Superman!

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The star of DePalma's Sisters has a thing or two to say about a thing or two


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It's never easy to do something different in a big budget movie. Making bold choices is the realm of chamber dramas and biopics, so seeing a really wackadoodle performance...

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The character who got this whole DCEU rolling seems like something an afterthought in their future plans, but both Henry Cavill and Zack Snyder think there's room for...

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As you could tell from our individual reviews, Brandy and I had very different opinions on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, there were many points we couldn't...

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Our first of two spoiler-free reviews of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

10 bold predictions jpg 90282c0b featured 10 Bold 'Batman v Superman' Predictions: Number 6 is Gonna Knock Your Dick in the Dirt!

While the rest of the critical community got to see the film last night, I'm going to have to drag my fat average joe ass to the theater on Saturday morning to lay eyes on...