Screen shot 2017 02 23 at 9 00 39 am 2ceaf8ee featured 'Rogue One' Blu-ray and Digital HD Release Dates Announced

The first Star Wars Anthology film hits Digital HD on 3/24 and DVD & Blu-ray on 4/4

Screen shot 2017 02 17 at 12 30 28 pm 7cdd4f0f featured Even More Exciting 'Kong: Skull Island' Commercial, With Actual Monsters This Time!

I've got a sweet new commercial for the film with Kong battling something called a "Skull Crawler"

Doctor strange facebook 001dc7ad featured 'Doctor Strange' Gets, You Guessed It, Strange New Blu-ray Promo

Wanna see a thirty second ad for Doctor Strange run backwards then forward? Then have I got the blu-ray promotional trailer for you!


Screen shot 2016 10 20 at 12 17 38 pm bf6ec060 featured How Ava DuVernay Improved a Crucial Moment in 'The Force Awakens'

Find out how the director of Selma saved the film's climax

145317 6fed9d1a featured 'Star Trek Beyond' Coming To Blu-ray and DVD November 1

The Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray, and 4K Blu-ray hit stores on November 1!

The force awakens 4d933e0f featured 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Collector's Edition Blu-ray Coming in November... In 3D!

It's coming at you in 3D this November!

7296 c7ac6987 featured 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows' Getting Multiple Blu-ray Versions in September

Go ninja, go ninja, go... buy all seven versions of the film on Blu-ray!

Dr strange batch cd9b3039 featured People Love The Batch as 'Doctor Strange'

The Batch has that certain something that all of Marvel's leading men have: Lovability!

13b2e73e ddd0 4128 8c39 733dd2bc4026 ba473c79 featured 'Wreck-It Ralph' to Get the Sequel Treatment

The untitled sequel is slated for a March 9, 2018 release date


James cameron png b6e065f1 featured So What the Hell is Up with James Cameron and His Four 'Avatar' Sequels?

Up until a few months ago, Avatar was the highest grossing film in North America, yet it's one that no one ever seems to talk about. It was sort of an unloved phenomenon. A...

Screen shot 2016 04 05 at 11 20 36 am png ecd04e4d featured UK Trailer for Steven Spielberg's 'The BFG' Gives Us Our First Look at the Title Character

Roald Dahl fans rejoice! It looks like the author's beloved 1982 novel The BFG is in good hands with director Steven Spielberg. Working with the late, great Melissa...

Arnold schwarzenegger on terminator genesis jpg 04d6db6d featured 'Terminator 2' to Get 3D Conversion & Re-Release for Some Reason

For the record, I'd actually see this because I haven't seen a good Terminator movie since, well, I saw T2 for the first time.

The bfg teaser trailer png f84e5fce featured 'The BFG' Trailer Looks PFG

Pretty Freaking Good

5256 jpg 4ea61b30 featured Movie Review: The Peanuts Movie

Like a warm blanket, The Peanuts Movie delivers feelings of warmth, security, and happiness that are virtually impossible to find elsewhere at the multiplex at the moment.