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April 10th, 2006

PS3 Videos from GDC 2006 leaked

Via: Destructoid

12 Responses to “PS3 Videos from GDC 2006 leaked”

  1. vaylen Says:

    That last one was Ratchet & Clank. What’s even more amazing is that people are only scratching the surface of the cell right now. Once it matures, the tricks that will be pulled off on it are going to be CRAZY DELICIOUS.

  2. Landlocked Says:

    It looks damn good…but I am not sure it will be that much better than XBOX 360 for me to fork over another grand for the console and accessories.

    XB Live and the Media Center link were the selling points for me to go 360 (and my ability not to be patient for PS3!)

  3. 5dc Says:

    Hey at least the xbox 360 tried….i have one and it seems like it is going to be blown out of the water…cant wait for the ps3!!!

  4. Elaye Says:

    These games look NOTHING like the pre-rendered cinemas at E3 last year. Everything looks significantly downgraded. If these are the type visuals we’ll see on the PS3 this year I’ll be supremely disappointed. These are barely at Xbox 360’s level.

  5. Jesus a.k.a PoisonMann Says:

    Holy crap crazy wicked that first game is awsome man i cant wait 2 see what u pull off with that sun chip…hope the first game u pull of is something new!

  6. gamer Says:

    The PS3 is going to completely blow the 360 out of the water like a nuclear BOMB!!!!!!!

  7. scott Says:

    This is pretty sweet, but honestly, I won’t beleive it untill I actually see it.

    Sony does have a reputation of… well simply, embelish the capabilities of its products. i.e. E3 (and for a short while after) when they unveiled the PS2, Sony claimed that the PS2 will be able to acheive “Toy Story 2 like graphics”.

    SO while I like to beleive it, I definatley have to see to beleive.

  8. spank Says:

    holy shit! It looks like…. every other video game system out there….

  9. KR Says:

    Yeah yeah, the only impressive stuff was just more tech demos. I hated it when they did it with the 360 and I hate it even more now. I’ll be impressed when I see games. That Afterburner looking thing at the beginning was the only game I saw. I don’t care how good it might look, it’s still not worth $500.

  10. Biff Says:

    Wow. Target video. Where is the A.I.?

  11. Ichiban Says:

    It looks great but we all know that trailers always look good because they are mini movies they aren’t the real graphics that end up in the game. I will wait for PS3 any ways but this didn’t impress me. note: Why is Sony using a Samsung TV?

  12. Berk Says:

    Everything is super realistic, I cant wait to see this blow the 360 out of the water. Down with Microsoft!

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