Sinkholes Are In Style: 3 Most Amazing Holes Around the Planet

The Great Blue Hole

What comes to mind when you think of Belize? Tropical weather, vacations, babes—not gigantic holes in the earth that could give you nightmares. Well, just try to forget this on your next vacation, because the Great Blue Hole is only 60 miles away from Belize. It's widely been accepted as the world's largest hole located in the sea (unless you count when Oprah gets on a boat).

But seriously, this thing is 410 feet deep and almost 1,000 feet wide. Scientists think it was probably created by sea levels rising and falling in the area over thousands of years. But that's exactly what they want you to think—our guess? The Dark Lord Cthulu likes to party in Belize.

The Glory Hole

Yes, that's actually what this thing is called, “The Glory Hole.” Absolutely hilarious. Makes you wonder how often any signs directing tourists to see this thing are stolen. Admit it, you'd definitely steal a sign that said “5 miles to The Glory Hole!”

Located at the Monticello Dam in Northern California, The Glory Hole is a man-made outlet so that water can bypass the dam if it gets too high. Falling into this thing would be scary as hell (before you, you know, died horribly). It sucks down water at a crazy rate of 48,000 feet per second, and it goes down about 700 feet to the opposite side of the canyon below the lake.

The Mir Mine—Are The Diamonds Worth It?

This monster hole is a testament to what we won't do to get chicks—they love diamonds so much that we had to dig a hole the size of a small country in order to get them. The Mir Mine is one of the largest diamond mines in the world, nearly 2,000 feet deep and 4,000 feet wide. Get this: you can't fly a helicopter or a small plane over it because in the past aircraft have been sucked down into it by air flow alone.

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