Saki Seto

July 02, 2008 - 8:30 am | Permalink

Saki Seto is a 21 year old Japanese Idol that may not be making waves in the states yet, but the blame certainly can't be pinned on us. Japan is filled with beauties like Saki Seto, and we're here to sniff out the cream of the crop. So enjoy.

Saki Seto sexy white pj's.
Saki Seto crawling on a bed.
Saki Seto ass in car.
Saki Seto sexy tight dress.
Saki Seto cleavage in the shower.
Saki Seto silver swimsuit in the shower.
Saki Seto sexy in the bath tub.
Saki Seto taking off her shorts.
Saki Seto tease in red and black bikini
Saki Seto cleavage closeup.
Saki Seto ass in bed.
Saki Seto wet ripped dress.

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