Rednecks Get Creative: 7 Awesome Redneck Inventions

Ain't Need No Flatscreen

This image is beautiful in a way. Can't afford a flatscreen television but you want one anyway? Screw it, cut a big hole in the wall and mount that sucker outside. It probably won't rain for a while anyway.

Keepin' Cool

You have to admit that this is pretty smart. Look at all of those other suckers sweating their asses off, while the three dudes are relaxing in their El Camino swimming pool. The dude in the car next to them looks jealous.

Amusement Park: Redneck Edition

What's a redneck to do when the county fair isn't coming for another six months and they don't have a Ferris wheel anyway? Make one yourself! While this is probably all kinds of dangerous, the kids look like they're enjoying the hell out of themselves. Kids are coddled too much these days anyway. Getting lacerations from a rusty nail builds characters, parents. Keep that in mind.

Gone Fishin'

Look at this awesome “boat” that this dude built. You've got your wooden planks, some more wooden planks, and a lawn chair. Wouldn't you love to get a pair of these and go fishing? Just be careful you don't spill your domestic beer.

Car Security

Yes, because someone's going to break into your POS. Good thinking.

Riding Mower

Whey the hell would you go spend hundreds of dollars on an expensive riding mower when you have everything you need in the garage? Plus, you can go faster with an ATV pushing your lawn mower.

Sweet Mailbox

Stick 'em up, post man! What are the odds that this is located in Texas? You have to admit, it's pretty badass for a “mailbox”.

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