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Objects That Objectify Women: 5 Hilarious Products

Feminists always seem to be angry about one thing or another, and these hilariously misogynistic products we've uncovered are certainly no exception. If you end up getting one of these, prepare yourself for the double-chinned wrath of an angry “Womyn's Rights” advocate. Enjoy.


The Most Difficult Sports Around: Are You Man Enough?

Men have played sports for thousands of years, and some are more physically punishing than others. For example, shuffleboard players have a lot less broken bones than, say, rugby players. Read on to learn about some of the most difficult sports around.


Jobs That Guys Think Impress Women But Actually Don't

Have you ever considered a career path just because you thought it would help you pick up chicks? You know, like every guy who ever started a band in the history of music? (That one actually does impress women). Read on to learn what jobs you SHOULDN'T get in order to pick up girls.

Are These Girls Sexy or Just Weird? You Decide

It's cool if that's your thing, but some of these girls are definitely just weird. You be the judge!


Vintage Beer Cans Are Pretty Cool

These vintage beer cans are a splash from the past.


Taking a Look at the Weirdest Bars & Clubs Worldwide

Bored of your neighborhood bar or pub? The next time you hop on a plane, make sure to check out some of the most unique bars and clubs in the world—don't worry, the cover charges aren't too bad. Well, actually, they probably are.

How To Make Other Guys Like You At The Office

A guide to help you get along with other guys at your office, even if you're not part of the ghost recon team.

3 Wacky Business Blunders That Will Make You Cringe

Listen up, enterprising entrepreneurs. These are a collection of the three most devastating, embarrassing, and just plain stupid business decisions major companies have ever made. Laugh all you want, but remember to learn from their mistakes.


5 Foods That Will Make Guys Have Better Sex

It's essential that you eat some food because of your heart but just remember that what's good for your heart is also very good for sex. Here are five foods that you should have if you want to have better sex.


From Her Lips: 5 Steps To Make A Woman Happy

How to make a woman happy may be one of the most complicated task on this planet.

7 Facts You Didn't Know About Thanksgiving

Or maybe you did, but don't quite remember. Thanksgiving is awesome and these facts are awesome and cranberry sauce is overrated. Yeah i said it.

How to Live Like a King: 3 Most Baller Castles Around the World

There must have really been something about living in a castle back in the day—compared to some of these marvels of medieval architecture, our suburbs and studio apartments leave a lot to be desired. At least we have air conditioning.


5 More Things You Remember From The 90s

A while back, we brought up a few heartwarming things that you'd only remember if you grew up during the 90's—good news, there's more nostalgia to come! Read on and relive the best decade ever.

5 Energy Intensive Ways to Be Lazy

There are winners and losers when it comes to being lazy. We’re talking about those who have managed to be lazy with a particular amount of panache; those with a certain flamboyance about their lounging.

5 Incredibly Weird Real-Life College Mascots

Ah, higher education. A place where you'll finally be able to blossom as an adult and start learning about things that actually matter. Surely, these places will be the embodiment of class and refinement, right? Well, not if you're one of these bizarre mascots.


Disgusting Looking Animals That Taste Great Once You Grill 'Em

Here at DoubleViking, we love to grill dead animals. Most of the time it's the usual stuff—you know, cows, chickens, the occasional pig. But when you feel like eating something exotic, sometimes you'll find that the tastiest animals are the weirdest looking. Mouth watering yet?

3 Bizarre Job Opportunities You'd Probably Turn Down

All right, all right. The economy is bad. We get it. But there are still some jobs you'd turn down...right? Wait, don't answer that too quickly. At least not until you read more about some of the most bizarre jobs out there. From the dangerous to gross to downright morbid, these are career paths you probably wouldn't be too eager to get on.

5 Things You Remember If You're a 90's Kid

Ah, the 90s. What a glorious decade to have grown up in: back when the cartoons were real, the video games were 16-bit (if you were lucky enough to own a Super Nintendo), and the music was depressing. It's nostalgia time!


Why Do Girls Do This? It's Not Like We Actually Care!

We like it when girls put a little effort into their appearance. Nobody likes a girl that wears sweat pants and flip flops all day long. But girls sure do some crazy things that they think will make them more attractive to men—when the truth is, we couldn't care less. Read on to see if you agree!


The Top 5 Festivals for Guys to Visit during the Winter Season

This list will give you an idea as to what kind of winter vacation you might want to take because I’ll be naming some awesome festivals throughout the world. Here are 5 festivals for guys to visit during the winter season.

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