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3 Incredibly Wild Drive Through Services

Did you think that drive through services were limited to just cheeseburgers and fries? Think again! There are tons of different establishments that have a drive-thru, and we've found the weirdest ones for your entertainment.

The DoubleViking Guide to Surviving a Flood

Natural disaster could strike at any moment! As men, it's our ancestral duty to be prepared at all times. Even so, even the manliest among us can be caught off guard—make sure to read the invaluable DoubleViking Guide to Surviving a Flood so that you know exactly what to do.


Artificial Wombs: Let The Cloning Begin

While feminists across the nation have been striving for equal rights (read, more rights than men), scientists have been working hard since 2002 to get rid of those pesky girl cooties by growing people in a giant test tube.

5 Of The Best Beers From Ireland

Ireland at one point in the beginning of the 20th century dominated the world with their whiskey market and at that time produced at least 90% of the whiskey in the world. Ireland has a variety of beer that ranges from light to strong. Here are the top 5 best beers from Ireland.

3 Scary Things That Could Exterminate Humanity In Less Than 24 Hours

AIDs, obesity, robot takeovers….Why worry about things that can kill you in ten years when there are so many things that can kill you right now.

8 Examples of People Taking Things Too Literally

What if you decided to take every bit of advice literally? Bad, bad things would happen.

Online Bingo for Real Money: Finding the Right Place for Your Fun

There are many different online bingo sites out there. Some have excellent reputations for fun and paying out. Others are simply there for having some fun, but do not pay out the best winnings. It’s up to you to do your research to find the best online sites for you. It really depends on the type of game you prefer.


4 Fun But Dangerous Hobbies That Will Probably Kill You

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Are you looking for a new hobby that's both incredibly fun and incredibly likely to leave you a vegetable for the rest of your life and/or flat out kill you? Read on!

3 Examples of Movies That Were Much Better Than The Book

“Only three?”

Brave New World: 5 INSANE Things That Can Be Bought and Sold Online

If eBay has proved one thing about humanity, it is that we will buy anything, and people looking to cash in on this little nugget will sell anything in order to make a buck.

3 Brilliant Prison Smuggling Stories That Actually Happened

Just so that you know, none of these stories involve “he put it in his butt!” These stories are actually creative as hell—even if the criminals got caught. You should hope that you're never in a position to have to smuggle anything into prison, but if you do, you've got to think outside the box like these guys.


Vikings Are Awesome. Trust Us, We Know

Take a look at these barbaric works of art. Truly there is a little Viking in all of us.

Truly Ridiculous Superstitions from Around the World

There are some pretty common superstitions that still hold power even nowadays; black cats, ladders, the number 13, all silly, meaningless things that hold unnecessary power over otherwise rational people. These ones, however, are just plain old ridiculous.


Painfully Awkward: A Journey in Photos

Have you ever seen something so awkward you felt embarrassment-by-proxy for the person involved? This is kind of like that, except funny.

Objects That Objectify Women: 5 Hilarious Products

Feminists always seem to be angry about one thing or another, and these hilariously misogynistic products we've uncovered are certainly no exception. If you end up getting one of these, prepare yourself for the double-chinned wrath of an angry “Womyn's Rights” advocate. Enjoy.

The 3 Smelliest Jobs on the Planet

Looking for a new career?


People Are Afraid Of Everything, Including Cheese

There are some phobias that we can all understand: like, say, the fear of spiders. All rational, logical things to fear that can seriously hamper your day-to-day living; however, there are some phobias that seem to be way too ridiculous to be real.

3 Amazing Places On Planet Earth That You've Never Heard Of

When we think about taking a vacation, what usually comes to mind? Probably Hawaii or the Caribbean or some other tropical paradise tourist trap. But the world has a lot more to offer than commercialized beaches and super-saver flight packages—read on to see three amazing places that you've probably never heard of.


The Women Available to Alpha, Beta & Omega Males: Where Do You Fit In?

Figure out what kind of girls you should be hitting on based on your man rating

How To Cook The Perfect Steak

Because every man needs to know how to cook the perfect steak. Instructionals courtesouly provided by Gordon Ramsey

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