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5 Hilarious Yet Functional Tattoos

Most of the time, the only function a tattoo serves is to look cool (hopefully). But some creative ink enthusiasts have taken the traditional tattoo a step further and into the realm of being actually useful. Check out these 5 funny-but-functional tattoos

Accidental Deaths You Definitely Shouldn't Laugh At

If you have a dark sense of humor, you might catch yourself laughing at these undoubtedly tragic and sad accidental deaths. They aren't hilarious at all, you sicko. If you want to giggle, er, grieve, then read on and discover some of the most unfortunate accidental deaths ever recorded.

Haven't Been Kicked Off a Plane Yet? You Will Soon!

If these people's stories are anything to go by, we can deduce that airlines are throwing people off of planes for increasingly silly reasons (while the planes are on the ground of course). Read on to see if you're next!

The Funniest Counterfeits Ever Photographed

If you've ever come across a counterfeit item, you know that they can be pretty hilarious—they're rampant in some parts of the world (like China), and if you live in the States all you have to do is cross the border to visit our southern brethren in Mexico. The ones we've collected here are all particularly hilarious—check them out!


Ever Wonder What Hitler Would Look Like Without a Mustache? Plus More!

As men, it's our god given right—nay, our duty—to proudly grow, groom, and display our facial hair. But what if it was suddenly gone? Read on to see what famous mustachioed figures look like without their lip ticklers!

Teach That Pumpkin Who's Boss And Make It Into a Badass Jack o' Lantern Like These

Looking for some inspiration to make a badass Jack o' Lantern this year? Take a look at some of these prized pumpkins.

Animals With Incredibly Scary Wangs

Dude, animals have some seriously disturbing genitals.

Guys Who Get Too Attached To Their Girlfriends

Every group of friends has THAT guy. The guy who gets way, way too attached to his girlfriend. If you don't know who we're talking about, maybe it's you?


Accidentally Rich: 3 Inventions That Started As Mistakes

You know how everyone always tells you that you shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes? Except that when you make a mistake, this advice is suddenly forgotten? Well, for some guys that advice certainly rang true—read on to learn about 5 accidental inventions that made their creators boatloads of money.

Lessons From a Self Made Millionaire: Meet Adam Carolla

If you haven't explored the work of Adam Carolla at some point in your life as a man, you're doing yourself a disservice. Not only did the guy have a show on Comedy Central about ten years ago called The Man Show – which, as you may recall, featured hot girls jumping on trampolines at the end of every episode


3 Amazing Places On Planet Earth That You've Never Heard Of

When we think about taking a vacation, what usually comes to mind? Probably Hawaii or the Caribbean or some other tropical paradise tourist trap. But the world has a lot more to offer than commercialized beaches and super-saver flight packages—read on to see three amazing places that you've probably never heard of.

3 Scary Things That Could Exterminate Humanity In Less Than 24 Hours

AIDs, obesity, robot takeovers….Why worry about things that can kill you in ten years when there are so many things that can kill you right now.

Extremely Important Items Every Man Needs in the Great Outdoors

Are you feeling cooped up? Spending a little too much time in front of the computer downloading porn and playing video games? It's time to reacquaint yourself with the great outdoors—but you'd better take a few of these things with you.

People Are Afraid Of Everything, Including Cheese

There are some phobias that we can all understand: like, say, the fear of spiders. All rational, logical things to fear that can seriously hamper your day-to-day living; however, there are some phobias that seem to be way too ridiculous to be real.


3 Absolutely Bizarre Sports You've Never Heard Of

When we think about sports, what comes to mind? Football, basketball, maybe golf. But there's so much more to the world of sports than just the traditional games—there are some very, very strange sports. And some of them look totally awesome. Read on to see if you'd have what it would take to play them!

5 Absolutely Bizarre Sports You've Never Heard Of

Artificial Wombs: Let The Cloning Begin

While feminists across the nation have been striving for equal rights (read, more rights than men), scientists have been working hard since 2002 to get rid of those pesky girl cooties by growing people in a giant test tube.

How to Stop People At Work From Eating Your Lunch

It's happened to all of us—lunch time finally rolls around, you close Facebook or whatever it was you were doing instead of working, and head into the employee lounge to hit the fridge. And then you realize: some bastard stole your lunch. Read on and learn how to stop them!


3 People Who Changed The World... But Never Existed

The phrase “changing the world” gets tossed around a lot. Did Zuckerberg change the world with the invention of Facebook? Maybe, but we used to think the same thing about Tom (remember MySpace?). Check out some people who actually changed the world—without ever being real.

5 Awesome Novelty Items That Look Like Boobies

Ah, breasts. Why we obsess over them as much as we do, nobody knows. But who doesn't love a great set of cans? Some brilliant inventors love boobs so much that they came out with a “handful” (heh) of great boob-themed items. You've got to nipple these things. I mean see them. You've got to see them.


Vikings Are Awesome. Trust Us, We Know

Take a look at these barbaric works of art. Truly there is a little Viking in all of us.

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