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3 People Who Changed The World... But Never Existed

The phrase “changing the world” gets tossed around a lot. Did Zuckerberg change the world with the invention of Facebook? Maybe, but we used to think the same thing about Tom (remember MySpace?). Check out some people who actually changed the world—without ever being real.

5 Awesome Novelty Items That Look Like Boobies

Ah, breasts. Why we obsess over them as much as we do, nobody knows. But who doesn't love a great set of cans? Some brilliant inventors love boobs so much that they came out with a “handful” (heh) of great boob-themed items. You've got to nipple these things. I mean see them. You've got to see them.


Vikings Are Awesome. Trust Us, We Know

Take a look at these barbaric works of art. Truly there is a little Viking in all of us.


Truly Ridiculous Superstitions from Around the World

There are some pretty common superstitions that still hold power even nowadays; black cats, ladders, the number 13, all silly, meaningless things that hold unnecessary power over otherwise rational people. These ones, however, are just plain old ridiculous.


Extreme Exploring: Amazing Underwater Ruins

Oh sure, you might have gone scuba diving on that vacation your family took to Hawaii when you were 14. That was like playing in the kiddie pool compared to the underwater explorers that discovered some of the most amazing underwater ruins in the world.

The 3 Smelliest Jobs on the Planet

Looking for a new career?

Sit Back and Get Weird: 5 Very Strange Armchairs for Dudes

We say that these armchairs are for dudes because, well, it's obvious—chicks would look ridiculous in them. And with our pioneering spirits and thirst for discovery, it comes as no surprise that men designed them all. Read on and see if you could sit back and relax in one of these ambitious armchairs.

Inconveniences The Technological Wonders of Modern Life Still Hasn't Cracked

Can't figure it all out at once now can we?


5 Horrifying Video Game Characters

Mostly, video games cannot produce characters that elicit fear on the same level as a movie. There are, however, some notable exceptions that we promise will make you poo your pants.

3 Frightening Realities of the “Common” Cold

Oh, Joy! It's cold and flu season. These viruses makes us feel stuffy and weak for a couple of days, and that’s all we need to know about it. Sort of. In reality, many of us have some glaring misconceptions about the nature of the common cold, like…

Rejoice! Scientists Prove Beer is Actually Good For You

The next time your friends, family, or sponsor try to get on your case about your beer drinking “problem,” you can tell them that you're only drinking for the health benefits. Read more to find out what they are.


Incredibly Expensive But Completely Worthless Stuff

f you're ballin' out like Jay-Z at an Obama party, you might be interested in some of these insanely expensive but utterly worthless items. But if you're a regular Joe like us, you'll probably have a good laugh and remember that old line... “There's an ass for every seat.” Enjoy!


5 Costumes You SHOULDN'T Wear This Halloween

Some guys put way too much thought into their Halloween costumes. If you overdo it, it's just sad. You need to hit that fine line between funny and apathetic that drunk women seem to enjoy so much.


Not Even Good at Crime: 3 Hilarious Criminal Fails

Some people just aren't meant to assimilate properly into modern day society. These people usually turn to crime... and sometimes they're not even good at that. Check out these hilarious criminal fails.


8 Manly Halloween Costume Ideas

Need some inspiration for a manly costume to wear this year? Take a look!

The DoubleViking Guide to Surviving a Flood

Natural disaster could strike at any moment! As men, it's our ancestral duty to be prepared at all times. Even so, even the manliest among us can be caught off guard—make sure to read the invaluable DoubleViking Guide to Surviving a Flood so that you know exactly what to do.

5 Things Nobody Pays For Anymore Because of the Internet

The internet has given us so much more than just access to the entirety of human knowledge within a few keystrokes. Without the internet, we'd be paying for all kinds of stuff we take for granted now. Read on to fondly remember all of the stuff that we used to actually have to pay for.


The 10 Hottest Girls In Hollywood

Sexy, Cute, Beautiful, Stunning, MILF, it does not matter how you might name these ten girls below they are the 10 hottest girls in Hollywood. Let’s forget about how they act and about their popularity. Use this time right now just to look at the beauty of these women.

3 Brilliant Prison Smuggling Stories That Actually Happened

Just so that you know, none of these stories involve “he put it in his butt!” These stories are actually creative as hell—even if the criminals got caught. You should hope that you're never in a position to have to smuggle anything into prison, but if you do, you've got to think outside the box like these guys.


4 Fun but Dangerous Hobbies That Will Probably Kill You

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Are you looking for a new hobby that's both incredibly fun and incredibly likely to leave you a vegetable for the rest of your life and/or flat out kill you? Read on!

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