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3 Awesome Video Games You'd Never Guess Were Based On Books

Some video games have pretty decent stories—others, not so much. But what's really surprising is the ones that are based on books. Read on to find out which ones, you might be surprised. Tip: Pong isn't one of them.

3 Common Mistakes Beta Males Make With Women

While it's no secret that all DoubleViking readers are hairy-chested, broad-shouldered, huge-donged alpha males, a little refresher course never hurt anyone. Read on to discover three common mistakes that your average herbivorous beta male makes with women.

3 Real People With Amazing Abilities

A lot of us grew up reading comic books, wishing we had the superpowers of our favorite heroes. While nobody on this list can shoot spiderwebs from their wrists or suffers from an acute allergy to kryptonite, they do have some pretty insane abilities—read on to meet some real life X-Men!


Weird Things That Happen to Humans in Space

We've entered the era of privately funded space missions, like the transport missions being carried out by SpaceX—so there's a pretty good chance the younger folks among us will get to experience recreational trips into space (how cool would a space hotel be?) But there are some very strange things that happen to the human body in space. Put on your Spock ears and read on to find out.

5 Cool Weapons Used In Sci-Fi Movies

There are many favorite weapons in sci-fi movies. A lot of the weapons are exotic and they can do things too a person’s body that might be shocking. Here are 5 cool weapons used in Sci-Fi movies.


3 People You Always Meet in MMORPGs

If you've played more than a handful of MMORPGs, you know that the same kind of people always tend to turn up, no matter what server you're playing on. Read on to see if you recognize any familiar faces, be they friend or foe!

Top 10 Girls with Guns

Guns are fun. Girls are fun. Put them together? Even more fun! ...Or a really, really bad breakup. Either way, check out the top 10 girls with guns.


3 Hilarious Incidents of Kind Thieves

As a society, we have an interesting love-hate relationship with thievery. Sometimes there are “good thieves,” like Robin Hood or Bernie Mac in Ocean's 11. Sometimes there are bad thieves, like Bernie Madoff. But what about kind thieves? Could they be the most interesting of all? Read on to find out!

The Wildest Roller Coasters Ever Built

Are you a thrill seeker? Do you love scary rides at amusement parks? Maybe you consider yourself a real pro at roller coasters—surely nothing could scare you by this point, right? Maybe that's because you haven't seen some of these absolutely insane roller coasters. Read on and see if you'd have the stones to buy a ticket.


Strange or Sexy: 5 Burlesque Shows That Will Blow Your... Mind

Much like the utterly bizarre subculture of human beings that frequently attend showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, there is a hidden culture in every major city of the world. Sometimes strange, sometimes wacky, but never dull: burlesque shows.

Cultures Are Weird: Strange Customs From Around the World

If you've been raised in the typical western household, some of the customs from around the world must seem pretty strange. Here's a list of the most off-the-wall, bizarre “traditions” that people actually take part in.


Wild Summer Party Ideas to Beat the Heat

Summer is, without a doubt, the best season for parties. But what about those days when it's just too damn hot to sit around in your backyard and drink warm beer? You've got to offer a party that lets people cool off andget wasted. The following are some of the best ideas for summer party ideas.

5 Exotic Meats You Can Grill Tonight

McDonald's just not cutting it anymore? Prepare to be shocked by 5 of the most mouth watering yet bizarre meats you can toss on the grill tonight!


3 Visually Stunning Comic Books You've Never Heard Of

A comic book doesn't have to have stunning art in order to provide you with a great experience—the story, after all, is what matters. But there's something to be said for eye candy! Even if you're not a comic book fan, you're sure to be impressed by these amazing works of art.


Top 5 Countries With The Hottest Women

Do you like to travel? Do you like incredibly hot women? Read on to discover the homes of the most beautiful women on the planet. Beware, uninitiated travelers might find a couple of surprises!

Life Lessons to Be Learnt From Terry Pratchett

This is for all the Terry Pratchett fans and for all people still to become fans, they just don’t know it yet. With honour and respect to one of the greatest writers this world has ever known.


Top 5 Spiciest Foods on the Planet: Are You Man Enough?

Are you the kind of guy who likes a little kick in his meals? See if you can handle some of the hottest foods in the world.

Words of Wisdom From the Top 10 Inventors of All Time

It's in man's nature to create. What a wonderful ability it is that we have the opportunity to shape the world as we imagine it, and many men who have come before us have chosen to do just that.


What We Wish We Had As Kids: 3 Insane Real Tree Houses

If you were normal as a kid, and didn't happen to be raised in the squalor of a dense urban area, you probably wanted a tree house. If you were lucky, you had one—but we guarantee you that your tree house was nothing like any of these. Read on to see some of the most elaborate, crazy tree houses ever built.

The Hottest Women Starring in Action Movies

Do you like action packed movies? Do you like hot women? Take a look at some of the most badass chicks around.

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