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Sinkholes Are In Style: 3 Most Amazing Holes Around the Planet

To be honest, we really just wanted an excuse to use the phrase “amazing holes.” Nonetheless, sinkholes have been making headlines recently after they started opening up in Florida. Well, some of these crazy holes (heh) make the Florida sinkholes look like puddles. Check it out.

10 Most Controversial Movie Posters Of All Time

The top 10 most gory, sexual, and racist movie posters of all time. Most were banned from being displayed in public. Check this out if you're curious!

5 Cool Weapons Used In Sci-Fi Movies

There are many favorite weapons in sci-fi movies. A lot of the weapons are exotic and they can do things too a person’s body that might be shocking. Here are 5 cool weapons used in Sci-Fi movies.


Brews To Beat the Heat: 5 Delicious Summer Beers

There's nothing better than an ice cold beer...except an ice cold beer on a hot summer day. Summer's closer than you think, so read on to discover 5 amazing beers to help you stay cool and mildly intoxicated for the next few months.

Weird Things That Happen to Humans in Space

We've entered the era of privately funded space missions, like the transport missions being carried out by SpaceX—so there's a pretty good chance the younger folks among us will get to experience recreational trips into space (how cool would a space hotel be?) But there are some very strange things that happen to the human body in space. Put on your Spock ears and read on to find out.


Top 3 Weird and Awesome TV Remote Controls for Men

There's nothing better than planting yourself in front of a big screen TV and flipping through channels. Maybe you catch some sports, watch an old 90s action flick, or try to see boobs on the scrambled channels. So why not channel surf in style?

Top 5 Worst Bathroom Designs Ever

As men, it's our sacred birthright to enjoy our bathroom time to the fullest. Why do you think magazines were invented? But sometimes all is not well in Toilet Land—take a look at some of the worst bathroom construction layouts ever conceived. Beware, heresy within.


The Top 5 Deadliest Jobs: Manly or Just Insane?

Maybe sitting behind a desk or working in “customer service” just isn't your thing. You need a little more excitement in your line of work. Take a look at the top 5 most dangerous jobs in the world and pick your new career!

What Can You Learn From Tom Leykis?

Tom Leykis – his listeners call him the father they never had. For years now the radio shock jock has been handing out advice to men both young and old on how to get laid in his signature “Leykis 101” classroom.


5 Things Every Great Summer BBQ Must Have

The summer heat isn't here yet, but we're trying to be prepared.


5 Simple Ways to Motivate Yourself

Sometimes we struggle to motivate ourselves, If you find yourself lacking motivation here are 5 simple ways to motivate yourself and hopefully they will help you.

Observations About Women: DoubleViking Style

Have you ever had trouble figuring out just what the heck is going on in your girl's mind? You're not alone. Men have spent centuries trying to unravel the mysteries of the female mind, and we're getting closer. Kind of.

3 Bizarre Bodies To Make You Cringe

Come on in and take a look at some of the most disturbingly weird people on the planet—it should come as no surprise that more than a few of these freaks-of-nature are Guinness world record holders.


Extreme Exploring: Amazing Underwater Ruins

Oh sure, you might have gone scuba diving on that vacation your family took to Hawaii when you were 14. That was like playing in the kiddie pool compared to the underwater explorers that discovered some of the most amazing underwater ruins in the world.

How to Plan an Out of Town Weekend Party Trip

Need to get out of town for some good old fashioned R&R? Are you prepared to cram all of your buddies into your mom's Honda Civic? If so, read on and learn how to escape for an awesome out of town weekend party trip.

5 Ways for Guys to Maximize Their Time

It’s important for guys to maximize their time properly. Most men have a lot of things going on and sometimes that can turn into a problem. Tasks that might be unimportant get completed and something important gets left out.


Game Franchises: Then And Now

It's hard to imagine, but a lot of the characters from our favorite video games as kids have been growing up right alongside us. Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of how they've matured and changed over the years.

Incredibly Expensive But Completely Worthless Stuff

f you're ballin' out like Jay-Z at an Obama party, you might be interested in some of these insanely expensive but utterly worthless items. But if you're a regular Joe like us, you'll probably have a good laugh and remember that old line... “There's an ass for every seat.” Enjoy!

If You Eat These Insane Foods, You Might Go To The Hospital

Even those among us who are the most vigilant about eating healthily tend to veer off the path every once and a while. You can't survive on kale shakes and light salads alone. You've got to have a bowl of ice cream at least sometimes. But these “meals”? These take “eating unhealthy food” to a whole new level. Read on to feel your arteries clogging!


Meet 3 of the World's Largest Machines

We're men. We like to build things with our hands. Sometimes, we like to build really, really freaking big things with our hands—and some of those things are pretty impressive. Read on to take a look at some of the largest machines in the world and what they're used for.

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