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People Will Sue You For Anything: 3 Absurd and Hilarious Real Lawsuits

One of the drawbacks of living in a society that has running water and frowns on things like marauding bands of savages with the goal of killing your fellow tribesmen and raping the women in your village is that it requires a legal system. That means people are continually going to try to use it for incredibly stupid things. Read on to see some of the worst examples!

Pot's Journey Through America

Marijuana in the United States has undergone a series of changes since its first cultivation on the continent.


The 5 Best NES Classics of All Time

5 Of the good classic NES games, these were the games released around the same time as the system. Everyone knows SM3 will always be the all-time winner.


Hotties In The Wild

We've added another set of photos to our collection of hot girls in the wild. Remember, you will not find any celebrities, models or magazine scans. We only host 100% real girl next door types!

5 Baller Hood Ornaments

You know you've arrived in life when you drive a car that has a sweet ass hood ornament. Well, all right, some of the hood ornaments you'll see here are more funny or weird than baller, but it's the thought that counts. Right?


Strange or Sexy: 5 Burlesque Shows That Will Blow Your... Mind

Much like the utterly bizarre subculture of human beings that frequently attend showings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, there is a hidden culture in every major city of the world. Sometimes strange, sometimes wacky, but never dull: burlesque shows.

Best Moustaches in Baseball

Facial hair seems to be running rampant in baseball these days, as players are trying out a bunch of different options. Some like the way they look, and others are just superstitious and will not shave if things are going well. Here is a look at the 3 best mustaches going into the 2015 season.


Game Franchises: Then And Now

It's hard to imagine, but a lot of the characters from our favorite video games as kids have been growing up right alongside us. Take a look at this side-by-side comparison of how they've matured and changed over the years.


How Can You Be a Brad Pitt Alpha Male?

Every so often we encounter men that challenge all we thought we knew and understood about being male. When should this male be classified as an alpha male, and when is he just human?

Real Life Circus Freaks (From The Golden Age of Freaks)

These guys are like a car crash - you don't want to look but you can't help it.


Rejoice! Scientists Prove Beer is Actually Good For You

The next time your friends, family, or sponsor try to get on your case about your beer drinking “problem,” you can tell them that you're only drinking for the health benefits. Read more to find out what they are.


The 33 Most Influential Events Of The Last 10 Years: A Summary For Average Joes

A lot of stuff has happened in the past decade—some of it has been awesome and some of it has been downright horrifying, but nobody can say it's been boring. Read on to examine 33 major events from the last 10 years, DoubleViking style.

Surf's Up! 4 Amazing Surfers You've Never Heard Of

There are more people who skateboard or snowboard than go surfing—that's probably got something to do with the geographic availability of water. But there's one thing that surfing will always have to compete with that makes it the most badass of all “board sports.” Sharks. Read on to see some amazing pictures of surfers being creative, adventurous, or plain old crazy!


7 Weird Road Signs That Aren't a Joke

When was the last time you went on a road trip? Chances are if you drive far enough, you'll come across some strange signs—but you've never seen anything like these bizarre-yet-totally-serious signs.


Hotties In The Wild

I just updated the hotties section, and it's awesome. Over 16,000 hot real girls compiled into one gallery for your viewing, gawking, and sharing pleasure. Ladies send your pics in and instantly become awesomer.

Amazing Architectural Optic Illusions You Won't Believe

Optical illusions on paper are one thing, but what about an entire building? A handful of very ambitious architects around the world have taken this challenge. Read on to see some of the strangest buildings in the world—you won't believe your eyes! And we promise: no Photoshop.

5 Ways to Get a Girl's Attention at a House Party

Ah, house parties. Always a fun event – assuming the party isn't taking place at your house. Here's some tips to help out your game, you're welcome.

$127 Million Dollars Down In 1 Year - Meet The Worst Gambler In Vegas

Never before in Las Vegas History could it be said that one man – single-handedly – contributed to more than 5% of a casino’s annual income. But in 2007, at a staggering loss of almost $127 Million, Terrance Watanabe is that man. And here’s how he did it.


Inconveniences The Technological Wonders of Modern Life Still Hasn't Cracked

Can't figure it all out at once now can we?


3 Stupid Ideas That Made People Millionaires

One of the most inspiring (or annoying) moments in life is when you hear these kinds of stories: people who come up with incredibly stupid ideas and achieve the unlikely—becoming millionaires. Read on for some of the more... “interesting” ideas.

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