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Things You Do On The Internet When You're Drunk

Back in the day, the worst combination of technology and alcohol was drunk dialing with a phone—computers and the internet have changed the game entirely. Here's a list of things that you're most likely to do the next time you get wasted and decide to “quickly check your Facebook.”

The Life of a Working Man

Do you take the time to indulge your inner-child?


3 Awesome Video Games You'd Never Guess Were Based On Books

Some video games have pretty decent stories—others, not so much. But what's really surprising is the ones that are based on books. Read on to find out which ones, you might be surprised. Tip: Pong isn't one of them.

5 Of The Best Beers From Ireland

Ireland at one point in the beginning of the 20th century dominated the world with their whiskey market and at that time produced at least 90% of the whiskey in the world. Ireland has a variety of beer that ranges from light to strong. Here are the top 5 best beers from Ireland.


8 Examples of How Christmas Makes People Weird

The holidays are stressful.


8 Examples of People Taking Things Too Literally

What if you decided to take every bit of advice literally? Bad, bad things would happen.


Hotties In The Wild

We've added another set of photos to our collection of hot girls in the wild. Remember, you will not find any celebrities, models or magazine scans. We only host 100% real girl next door types!

3 Shipwrecks Worse Than The Titanic

Oh sure, the Titanic was a tragedy (at least the 1997 movie certainly was), but there have been far, far worse shipwrecks. At least some people SURVIVED the Titanic—other sea dogs haven't been as lucky.


5 Weird Looking and Insanely Rare Albino Animals

The reason that albino animals are so incredibly rare in the wild is pretty obvious—if you're bright white, something else in the forest is going to see you and eat you very, very quickly. This is also why Dave Matthews has never held a concert in South Central.

5 Ways for Guys to Maximize Their Time

It’s important for guys to maximize their time properly. Most men have a lot of things going on and sometimes that can turn into a problem. Tasks that might be unimportant get completed and something important gets left out.


Weird Things That Happen to Humans in Space

We've entered the era of privately funded space missions, like the transport missions being carried out by SpaceX—so there's a pretty good chance the younger folks among us will get to experience recreational trips into space (how cool would a space hotel be?) But there are some very strange things that happen to the human body in space. Put on your Spock ears and read on to find out.

Mind Bending 3d Street Art Creations

Wow these artist have some perspective.


How To Win An Argument With Your Girlfriend

Here are a few tips for succeeding in an argument with your other half, or quarter. However you look at it, This should help.

A Real Man's Beer Basics: Make Your Own

We all know a real man does things on his own, that includes brewing his own beer. We put down the steps here to get you started on your journey in beer brewing, it's not as hard as one might think.


Painfully Awkward: A Journey in Photos

Have you ever seen something so awkward you felt embarrassment-by-proxy for the person involved? This is kind of like that, except funny.

Play Blackjack on Your Mobile Device

Real men play Blackjack.. And real modern men play it on their mobile phone. Alpha.


Are You Fit to Call Yourself a Man If You Haven't Seen These TV Shows?

There are a handful of television shows that, in order to truly call yourself a member of the male species, you have to have watched. Come take a look at our list of the manliest, most badass TV shows TV shows ever aired.

The Mummified Monks Of Japan

Wow these guys aged suprisingly well!

3 Reasons why Mobile Gaming Represents the Future

The future of gaming is in your hands.


The Women Available to Alpha, Beta & Omega Males: Where Do You Fit In?

Figure out what kind of girls you should be hitting on based on your man rating

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