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4 Ancient Sea Monsters Still Alive Today

Some of the coolest creatures from prehistoric times lived in the sea. Giant, razor-toothed fish that could eat a great white whole made our seas and oceans look incredibly tame by comparison. Luckily though, some never left, and the waters of our planet remain as mysterious and exciting as ever.

3 Real Ways the Military Tried to Use Animals as Weapons

Yes, you read that headline correctly: the militaries around the world have tried on several occasions to use animals as weapons. If you think PETA gets outraged at people who wear fur coats, you can only imagine what their reaction would be to squirrel rockets. Read on to see how these these real life military experiments.


Manly Hobbies: 5 Masterful Woodworking Creations

Every man alive who still has his man card can at least appreciate woodworking to some degree. If it weren't for wood, we'd still be living in caves, for god's sake. The craft is still alive and well in modern day, so read on to see some of the most impressive woodwork creations.

3 Incredibly Wild Drive Through Services

Did you think that drive through services were limited to just cheeseburgers and fries? Think again! There are tons of different establishments that have a drive-thru, and we've found the weirdest ones for your entertainment.

Brave New World: 5 INSANE Things That Can Be Bought and Sold Online

If eBay has proved one thing about humanity, it is that we will buy anything, and people looking to cash in on this little nugget will sell anything in order to make a buck.

8 Things Your Girlfriend Does When You're Not Looking

Just what does she get up to?

8 Creepy Album Covers You Have to See to Believe

Yeah, yeah. You're a musician. You're totally creative and have to march to the beat of your own drum. But maybe these guys were trying a little too hard?

3 Violent Video Games Which Can Teach You a Lesson

Who says video games can't teach you something of value amidst the murdering/pillaging/raping fun?

Top 5 Of Our Favorite (Fictional) Alien Races

There are innumerable types and races of alien that have been portrayed in movies, TV shows, books and video games. Some are memorable but not exciting, like E.T., and then there are the really great ones, those that are memorable, exciting and unique.


3 Examples of Movies That Were Much Better Than The Book

“Only three?”


Miracles Do Happen: 3 Certain Death Situations That People Have Survived

It’s a movie cliché by this point: the hero and his friends are facing certain doom; they turn to each other and accept their fate, before they miraculously find a way to overturn their insurmountable odds. But we all know that stuff like that doesn’t happen in real life, right? Well…


How to Shut Down Cock Blocking Girls at the Club

We've all been there. You're at a nightclub, hitting on some cute chick (at least after those 6 shots you think she's cute). Then her fat friend shambles up, her grotesque multiple chins a-jiggle, and cock blocks you. You go home and watch Redtube. Again. Read on for solutions!

Weird World Records - Badass or Just Stupid?

You want a legacy? Want your name to go down in history, for people to remember you and recognize you as being the best there is at what you do? What better way than getting your name on an official world record? If you are like these people, there must be better ways.


5 Reasons Why You NEVER Pass Out Drunk In Front Of Your Friends

Most of us learn pretty young that it's a terrible idea to be the first guy to pass out drunk in front of your buddies. It's too great of an opportunity for malarkey to pass up. Get your duct tape and your magic markers ready, we're about to present 7 reasons why you should never, ever be the first guy to pass out.

Nostalgia Blast! 90's Cartoons You'll Love to Remember

If you're a 90's kid, you remember how great cartoons were growing up. They had a ton of charm and life, and we'd get up early on Saturday mornings to watch them (do kids even do that anymore?) Read on to remember some of your favorites.

True Love: 3 Bizarre Divorces That Actually Happened

Every day, the already anemic list of reasons to get married for the average western male gets slimmer and slimmer. Maybe you're thinking of putting a ring on your girl, but if you do, just hope that your marriage doesn't turn out like these ones did! Read on to see some of the weirdest divorces ever.

Guns are Awesome and So Are The People Who Own Them

What's NOT awesome about a tube that fires out a tiny ball of lead fast enough to kill someone? These strange characters probably agree!


3 Extreme Examples of the Internet Destroying Relationships

You know how it goes. Your girl leans over your shoulder, wondering who that bimbo is you're talking to on Facebook. (Tell her it's your sister. If you live in Alabama, this might actually be true). The internet has ruined relationships in some pretty amusing ways, so read on and be glad you don't know any of these people.

The Weirdest Real Conventions And Festivals Ever

Oh sure, you knew that there were some strange gatherings out there that tend to attract weird people, like Star Trek conventions or comic book conventions, but we'll bet that you've never heard of some of the more...obscure conventions out there. Read on to see if you could handle going to one of these events!

This is What Happens When Computer Nerds Get Bored

We might make fun of computer nerds, but we forget that these are the people who control things like traffic lights, landing airplanes, and the stock market. This is what they get up to in their spare time.

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