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3 Frightening Realities of the “Common” Cold

Oh, Joy! It's cold and flu season. These viruses makes us feel stuffy and weak for a couple of days, and that’s all we need to know about it. Sort of. In reality, many of us have some glaring misconceptions about the nature of the common cold, like…

How to Stop People At Work From Eating Your Lunch

It's happened to all of us—lunch time finally rolls around, you close Facebook or whatever it was you were doing instead of working, and head into the employee lounge to hit the fridge. And then you realize: some bastard stole your lunch. Read on and learn how to stop them!


Why Do Girls Do This? It's Not Like We Actually Care!

We like it when girls put a little effort into their appearance. Nobody likes a girl that wears sweat pants and flip flops all day long. But girls sure do some crazy things that they think will make them more attractive to men—when the truth is, we couldn't care less. Read on to see if you agree!

Disgusting Looking Animals That Taste Great Once You Grill 'Em

Here at DoubleViking, we love to grill dead animals. Most of the time it's the usual stuff—you know, cows, chickens, the occasional pig. But when you feel like eating something exotic, sometimes you'll find that the tastiest animals are the weirdest looking. Mouth watering yet?

Hotties In The Wild

We've added another set of photos to our collection of hot girls in the wild. Remember, you will not find any celebrities, models or magazine scans. We only host 100% real girl next door types!


Lost Dog! Lost Cat! Lost... Crab? The Best Lost Pet Signs Ever Spotted

If you've ever had the experience of discovering that your pet dog or cat has gone missing, you know just how harrowing an ordeal it can be. But people own all kinds of pets, so who's to say that they don't miss their, er, crabs? Or other exotic animals? Read on to see the funniest “lost pet” signs pinned up around town.


3 Absolutely Bizarre Sports You've Never Heard Of

When we think about sports, what comes to mind? Football, basketball, maybe golf. But there's so much more to the world of sports than just the traditional games—there are some very, very strange sports. And some of them look totally awesome. Read on to see if you'd have what it would take to play them!

5 Absolutely Bizarre Sports You've Never Heard Of


5 Incredibly Weird Real-Life College Mascots

Ah, higher education. A place where you'll finally be able to blossom as an adult and start learning about things that actually matter. Surely, these places will be the embodiment of class and refinement, right? Well, not if you're one of these bizarre mascots.

5 Ways to Get the Girl of Your Dreams

Some pretty commonsense stuff one might overlook.


The Most Extreme Places You Probably Don't Want To Go To On Vacation

Most of us probably don't know what really extreme conditions are like—what with our air conditioners and central heating systems, the 7-11 just down the road fully stocked, and a fast internet connection (primarily used for Facebook and porn). But there are some crazy places on the planet—read on and see if YOU could survive in any of them.

5 Things Nobody Pays For Anymore Because of the Internet

The internet has given us so much more than just access to the entirety of human knowledge within a few keystrokes. Without the internet, we'd be paying for all kinds of stuff we take for granted now. Read on to fondly remember all of the stuff that we used to actually have to pay for.


5 Strange, Bizarre or Just Plain Cool Knives

As guys, most of us have had a strange obsession with knives since early childhood, probably starting well before our dads gave us our first pocketknife. It's the ultimate tool—and weapon. Read on to take a look at some of the weirdest and most awesome knives around.


4 Stupid But Effective Publicity Stunts That Made Headlines

It's always amazing what captures the public eye—and most of the time it's really stupid stuff. Read on to see some of the dumbest but most effective publicity stunts that obviously worked since we're still talking about them.

Healthy Habits to Improve Your Appearance

Want to look better? here's some tips to look better without making any huge changes. unless you're really messing up now, then maybe.


Accidentally Rich: 3 Inventions That Started As Mistakes

You know how everyone always tells you that you shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes? Except that when you make a mistake, this advice is suddenly forgotten? Well, for some guys that advice certainly rang true—read on to learn about 5 accidental inventions that made their creators boatloads of money.

Haven't Been Kicked Off a Plane Yet? You Will Soon!

If these people's stories are anything to go by, we can deduce that airlines are throwing people off of planes for increasingly silly reasons (while the planes are on the ground of course). Read on to see if you're next!


Must See: 8 Strange and Hilarious Craigslist Ads

Have you visited everyone's favorite auction site lately? You can buy cars, rent apartments, and have "casual encounters" with women that almost certainly won't give you syphilis. Want more? Check out these bizarre ads we found!


Top 3 Most Disgusting And Scary Looking Animals On The Planet

Oh, sure. You might think you've seen some pretty scary horror movies. You might have gone through a haunted house and got a few scares this last Halloween. But the scariest decorator of all is, without a doubt, mother nature. Read on if you dare, and look at some of the scariest and grossest real creatures around.

3 Ways Guys Can Use Vodka Besides Getting Wasted

Believe it or not, there are other things you can do with vodka besides drinking too much of it and waking up next to a she-beast the next morning. Some of the uses are actually pretty amazing—they're also a great excuse for that novelty sized bottle of Grey Goose in your freezer.


Be Glad They're Extinct: 3 Bizarre Dinosaurs You Never Learned About

8th grade science might not have been so incredibly boring if they had taught you about these dinosaurs. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't too long ago that absolute monsters were roaming the earth—read on to take a look at some of the most bizarre beasts that used to be around before a big meteor impact kicked their asses.

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