Meet 3 of the World's Largest Machines

The Strata 950 Drilling Machine

What's so impressive about the Strata 950 isn't so much what you can see of it on the surface, but how deep it can drill into the earth. This same machine has been used to rescue miners in Chile, where it dug over 2,000 feet into the ground. The hole a Strata 950 can create is 25 inches in diameter, which considering how crazy far down it can go, that's pretty darn wide.


Also, it weighs 40 tons.


That's at least half the combined weight of the gals on The View. It takes over 40 trucks to transport the parts of the Strata 950 due to this weight, so it has to be reassembled wherever it's going to be used.


The World's Largest Aircraft

What do you do when you have something insanely heavy, like, say, the Buran space orbiter, and you need to get it from one location to another? Why, you build an insanely huge airplane to fly it around, of course! The world's largest airplane that you can see above is the Antonov An-225 Mriya, a commercial aircraft designed specifically to transport “oversized cargo.” There's currently only one of these that's been produced—and no wonder why, look at it. Also note the “tiny” airplane in the upper left hand corner for a sense of scale comparison.


That's A Big Old Dump Truck

When you need to haul 400 tons of something, this is the truck to do it with. Costing a paltry $3 million bucks, the Liebherr T 272B has a top speed of about 40 miles per hour—considering the amount of cargo capacity this thing has, 40mph is pretty fast. Around 75 of these types of trucks are sold per year, worldwide. That might not sound like too many, but considering the scale of this truck and the price, it's probably pulling a nice profit for Liebherr.

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