Man's Best Friend: Dogs For Dudes


Maybe you don't have much room, or you don't particularly like the idea of the “healthy” amounts of cleanup a large dog requires. So you need a smaller dog to fit your lifestyle, and thankfully that doesn't mean you're going to have to get a teacup poodle. What you need is a bulldog. Ugly, tough, loyal, manly. These little monsters have it all.

English Mastiff

Say you're in the market for the opposite of the above. You want a big, big dog. It doesn't get much bigger than an English Mastiff, known for its huge size. These pups were bred in England years ago to – get this – fight bears. Seriously, you could have a dog with a lineage tough enough to take on freaking bears. Home invaders won't stand a chance against a beast like this.


Despite their tarnished media image as baby-eating hell hounds, Rottweilers aren't as aggressive as popular culture would like you to believe. If they've been raised and trained properly (you know, to not eat human flesh), they can make for kind, loyal companions. If you need to impress a girl or scare off her boyfriend, a Rottweiler can handle the job.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is the traditional go-to dog for guys to own. There's a reason the police use these dogs for all kinds of different things like chasing down perps or sniffing out bombs: they're an incredibly intelligent, highly trainable breed. If you want a good looking dog that isn't going to chew off its own tail in a bout of boredom or stupidity, get a German Shepherd.


Perhaps the classiest dog for any guy to own, the wolf-like husky is a beautiful, powerful animal. Bonus, girls love them – something about their primal look that's reminiscent of the wild just does it for them. A word of warning however, Huskies love to exercise, so if you're a couch potato, it might not be the best breed to get. And, of course, there's the shedding. That's shedding, not sledding, but these dogs are good at that too.

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