Love Letters From My Dad To My Mom

ByLukas Kaiser March 20, 2008 - 9:00 am | Permalink

I was digging around in my attic last night and I found my dad's shoe box. It was filed with porn. Underneath that box was a smaller box. THAT box was filled with love letters from my dad to my mom.

I don't know much about the letters other than that they start when my parents first met, on vacation at a Walt Disney Resort in early March, 1978 and they end right when they got married... in early April, 1978. 

March 12th, 1978 



March 25th, 1978



March 27th, 1978 



March 31st, 1978



April 2nd, 1978 



April 3rd, 1978 




My sister was born in October of 1978. Go figure. 

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