Link Dump

May 30, 2012 - 7:26 am | Permalink

Hello fello interweb surfers, Here’s some cool content from our awesome friends for you’re wonderful hump day. Optimism at its finest,


36 Hot girls with flowers, Aww and Yess at the same time.

A gallery of hot celebrities as mermaids

Maxim hottie Kassandra

Kelly Brook is a sexy diva

Gallery of hot asian chicks for the win

Miss USA 2011, Meet Alyssa


Some indian natives do some diving, onto the ground! 

This happens to us way too often: Story of old friends

The 5 most impenetrable safes, In thee world 

Awesome Police dog saves baby from a crazy dad

Gallery of funny mugshots and hipster beer from memorial day celebrations 

5 Annoying people you will meet at the pool 

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