Larysa Poznyak is the International Babe of the Day

April 23, 2009 - 8:00 am | Permalink

Larysa Poznyak is a 21 year-old bombshell from the Ukraine. She's currently pursuing her dream of fame in L.A., of course. We want her to know if it doesn't work out she can always be the administrative assistant over at DV HQ.

Larysa Poznyak in a pink thong.
Larysa Poznyak trio of bikini pics.
Larysa Poznyak in a closet wearing sexy lingerie.
Larysa Poznyak being very provocative.
Larysa Poznyak strategically covering her boobs.
Larysa Poznyak giving herself a wedgie.
Larysa Poznyak in a sexy red dress.
Larysa Poznyak laying down and topless.
Larysa Poznyak topless in black tights.

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