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Is The Walking Dead The Best Zombie Franchise Ever?


The Comic Book

Where it all started—uninformed fans of the television series might not be aware that all that zombie-killing goodness originated from a comic books series, which is still in production. If you've ever had an even slight interest in comic books, yet the cartoonish nature of X-Men or Superman or what have you was a turn off, The Walking Dead comic book might be just what you needed to get back into the medium. Make no mistake about it: this comic book ain't for kids. If you think the TV series has some gruesome moments, it's practically tame in comparison to the considerably darker (and wildly different) version of Rick Grimes' story. Don't let the fact that the comic is in black and white turn your off either—while Charlie Adlard is a fantastic artist, the real beauty of the series comes from the compelling storylines penned by Robert Kirkman.


The Television Series

Currently in its third season, the award-winning TV series continues to deliver, with a number of critics hailing the latest season to be the best yet. This discussion is and will remain spoiler free, but let's just say that some serious shit goes down in the third season, and fans are rabidly awaiting the conclusion and inevitable cliffhanger. For the most part, the acting is incredibly well done—particularly the guy who plays Rick, Andrew Lincoln. Andrew plays the role of a southern cop turned zombie apocalypse survival group leader surprisingly well—considering that if you've ever seen him in an interview, he's a calmly composed, well-spoken British gentleman from London. On a final note of praise for the TV series, the music is composed by Bear McCreary, the musical god that composed the soundtrack for the recent reimagining of Battlestar Galactica (some arguing that his music was better than the show itself).


The Video Games

The Walking Dead video game is an episodically released “point-and-click adventure” game—now hang on a second. The idea of a point and click game might immediately make you think “Boooorrriiiingg!” but this particular series is anything but boring... IF you're a fan of great stories and The Walking Dead world at large. If you're the type of guy who only plays Call of Duty between text messages, you might not get into this series. If you haven't been completely ravaged by adult ADD and want an engrossing and unique gaming experience—with some extremely tough choices to make—The Walking Dead game will blow your mind.

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