International Babe of the Day: Fernanda Tavares

April 16, 2008 - 8:30 am | Permalink

She is an SI swimsuit babe, Victoria's Secret model, internationally known mega hottie. She's from Brazil, but you probably already guessed that by now.

Fernanda Tavares in white lingerie and thong
Fernanda Tavares yellow swimsuit wet on the beach.
Fernanda Tavares white bikini topless on boat.
Fernanda Tavares white bikini cracking open champagne.
Fernanda Tavares in silver bikini and heels.
Fernanda Tavares in Brazilian bikini.
Fernanda Tavares in yellow bikini clutching her boobs.
Fernanda Tavares yellow bikini in Sports Illustrated
Fernanda Tavares in a bikini on the sand.

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