Incredibly Expensive But Completely Worthless Stuff

Platinum Hello Kitty


Price: $163,000


Can you say WORTHLESS? You'd have to be a pretty big fan of the lovable Japanese kitty cat to cough up that kind of dough for what is, essentially, a worthless, shiny trinket. The figure itself is made out of platinum, and the little hair ribbon has diamonds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, and and topaz on there. Kind of makes you wonder if any of those precious stones are “blood diamonds.” That wouldn't be quite so cute. You know what's worse? Someone out their bought this thing. What kind of a person does that? Even if you had Bill Gates money, it would still seem like a waste.


A Purse For Millionaires


Price: $1,630,000


Yeah, that's 1.63 million bucks for a purse. This diamond-encrusted purse is actually pretty small (if you look at the bottom of image, you can see a woman's hand holding pretty much the entire thing up). So not only is it absurdly expensive, it isn't even practical. With over 2,000 diamonds stuck onto it, there's one happy lady out there. Talk about a “kept” woman! But would it really be worth it for even the chumpiest of beta males to buy this for his special lady?


Let's do a little math. Assuming you get a bunch of super high end, crazy hot escorts for $2,000 a night, how many times could you pork a woman that looks like a Victoria's Secret model instead? Well, $1.63 million divided by $2,000 is 815.


Eight hundred and fifteen crazy hot hookers. The decision here is obvious.


Diamond Tea Bag


Price: $14,000


It doesn't get any more worthless than this, even if you really, really like tea.

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