I Hereby Declare This Lot To Be Certified Oddballs

February 02, 2012 - 1:36 pm | Permalink

Kate Upton will make you want to eat at Carl’s Jr., the tallest HS basketball player in the world, let’s not forget about Daniela Pestova and a lot more!


Kate Upton will make you really want a hamburger

Let’s Get To Know Hot colombian Bombshell Liz Solari

Josie Maran: Model Business Woman

Let’s Get To Know Hot Colombian Bombshell Liz Solari

Valeria Orsini Makes The Next 8 Hours WAY Bearable

She’s Uncoachable: Natalie Suliman Has No Bad Side

Perfect 10 Thursday

Karina Smirnoff Is One Fit Bikini Hottie

Model at Midnight: Daniela Pestova

The World’s Hottest Re-Flowered Virgin

19 Reasons to learn how to spell Lucy Mecklenburgh


The Tallest HS Basketball Player in the World

I Hereby Declare This Lot To Be Certified Oddballs

The perfect way to get Apple workers to stop killing themselves and get back to work

Media Day Freakshows, Brady Taking It All In & Spikes In Pink

5 Surprisingly High Paid Athletes

Shit Call Of Duty Players Say

The Best Super Bowl XLVI (2012) Commercials 

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