Hi 5: The 5 hottest chicks in '24' history (page 1)

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Mia Kirshner

mia kirshner

Mia played sexy, slutty, lesbian assassin Mandy in a couple of the seasons of 24.  Any time you can attach the words “sexy, slutty, and assassin” to a woman, she’s probably worth a glance.  She’s also probably not someone whom you’d try to rush out of Sephora when she has to pick up make-up.  Personally, I think it’d be pretty hot to be fucking a girl who does terrorist activities on the side.  But then you might be charged with aiding and a-BEDDING a known terrorist (rimshot).  No but seriously it’d be pretty hot to jerk off on al-Zarqawi’s face.

Annie Wersching

annie wersching

A new addition to the cast in the current season, Annie’s pretty smoking hot playing an FBI agent who will cross boundaries to get results (said boundaries have not yet included blowing a prisoner for information, but there’s still 20 hours left in the day so we can only hope).  I also enjoy the way she hides her ample bosoms underneath her sensible pants suit because it’s such a tease, almost like a costume.  She’s basically saying “Tee hee, look, I’m a serious professional, take me seriously, *giggle*” but she knows a woman can’t possibly be taken seriously in a professional environment.  So silly!

Mary Lynn Rajskub

marry lynn rajskub

I don’t know that I’d consider Mary Lynn hot in the traditional sense.  I mean, I almost certainly wouldn’t.  She looks like Mr. Potatohead.  But her character Chloe, in spite of seemingly suffering from a mild kind of Asperger’s disease, is pretty awesome.  She can hack the fuck out of shit, which would be really convenient if you fucked her good enough to get her using those skills to get money transferred into an offshore account or getting free pizza deliveries.  On the downside, you’d better end amicably otherwise your computer would end up clandestinely looking like Pete Townshend’s and the FBI would end up “randomly” knocking at your door.

Reiko Aylesworth

reiko aylesworth

Reiko Aylesworth played a CTU agent for a couple seasons of 24, playing Michelle Dessler, a woman who was primarily an office worker who could also handle herself out there in the field, including knocking several guys out cold throughout Season 3.  So while not completely a femme fatale, you have to admire a girl who can occasionally beat guys up for you.  Reiko’s character was killed off in the first episode of season 5, making it slightly less desirable to have sex with her now.  Unless you had a bizarre skeleton fetish that originated in your 10th  In which case, I would advise you to return the body to where you found it when you’re done.  It’s just good necrophilia etiquette. grade biology class.

Elisha Cuthbert

elisha cuthbert

As Jack Bauer’s daughter, Elisha Cuthbert’s Kim Bauer character proved that just because your dad is a brilliant bad ass doesn’t mean that you can’t come out fundamentally retarded.  Case in point: Her character got into a fight with a cougar once.  You know how improbable it is to get in a fight with a cougar?  Highly.  Unless you’re Ashton Kutcher slipping it into Demi Moore’s ass “by mistake.”  Based on her looks, that must be how Rumer Willis was conceived.

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