Get Your Nerd On With These Bizarre Rubik's Cubes

The Pentamix


Who Should Own One: Mental Masochists


In order to solve the outrageously difficult Pentamix Rubik's Cube, you need to possess at least one of these three qualities:


1.) A genius level IQ
2.) A whole hell of a lot of free time on your hands
3.) To be clinically insane

There are over 1,200 surfaces and 975 individual parts on this behemoth. It is technically solvable, but even those of us with the most tumescent, bulging gray matter would need at least a few months to get through it. Our suggestion is to buy one pre-solved and casually display it on a shelf in your room—perfect to impress that nerdy but hot girl you've been trying to get to disrobe. “What's that? Oh, the Pentamix? It's just the most complex Rubik's Cube ever created. I finished it up last weekend. You know, whatever.” Bow-chika-wow-wow.

The LED Light Up Rubik's Cube



Who Should Own One: Brainy Ravers


Is that old Rubik's Cube of yours collecting dust? Do you only play with it after enjoying a fine, now-legal-in-Colorado jazz cigarette? Make the experience even better with this psychedelic light-up version. Groovy, man.


The Rubik's Cube 2.0



You have to admit that this is a pretty sweet innovation on the original Rubik's Cube: instead of moving colors around on what are essentially two dimensional planes, you now have to solve the puzzle in real 3D. The goal is, after the block has been jumbled, to fit all the pieces back into the right positions so that it makes a square again. It's not as easy as it sounds—and just to mess with you even more, the Rubik's Cube 2.0 creators have plated each block with mirrors. That's not going to drive you completely insane or anything.

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