Five Better Movies than 'Dirty Grandpa' for You to Watch Instead this Weekend


Dirty Grandpa looks like a hot pile of horse shit, so rather than go see it just to have something to do on Saturday night, stay home and watch any one of these five movies featuring cast members from Dirty Grandpa




Just gotta have your Zac Efron fix? Well, watch him actually do some acting in this underrated and under seen 2013 film about the assassination of President Kennedy. Unlike most films covering that topic, this one focuses on the people in and around the Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas where Kennedy was eventually pronounced dead. Zac plays one of the doctors that tries desperately to revive Kennedy and he's really good in the film. Better than I thought he would be, for sure, but he demonstrated some acting chops. Available to rent on Amazon.


Midnight Run


In the mood for a good DeNiro comedy? Why not watch one of his best, 1987's Midnight Run co-starring Charles Grodin. This was DeNiro back before he got cartoonish in comedies like Meet the Parents and Analyze This, and started making his comedy face all the time. He's making it in that picture from Dirty Grandpa up there, you know, for reference. Available to rent on Amazon and still cheaper than a ticket to Dirty Grandpa.


They Came Together


Big Jason Mantzoukas fan? You know, Rafi from The League? Anyway, if you're not on board this guy's bandwagon, get on board it now. He's awesome. He's also hilarious as Paul Rudd's best friend in They Came Together. His "Who do you think did it?" after the Chris Meloni shitting in his superhero costume is one of my favorite laughs in the entire movie. Seriously, this movie's a brilliant spoof of romantic comedies and it's streaming for free on Amazon Prime.


Scott Pilgrim vs The World


If you like Aubrey Plaza, she's in this, and she's used perfectly in it as well. Most films don't know what to do with her and seem to change the character to fit her rather than the other way around. Scott Pilgrim does this brilliantly and plus, it's just such a fun movie. If there are people out there who don't like this movie, and I'm sure there are, I don't want to know about them. Available to rent on Amazon.


About Schmidt


Dermot Mulroney is a wholly underrated character actor and an infinitely better actor than his oft-mistaken doppelgänger Dylan McDermott. While you can't go wrong with him in Tom DiCillo's Living in Oblivion or Nicole Holofcener's Lovely & Amazing, his role in About Schmidt as a doofus midwestern used car salesman with a heart of gold is both poignant and hilarious. That he shed any scrap of vanity he had to play this role is a testament to his abilities as an actor, and Jack Nicholson will honestly never be better this century than he is here. Available to rent on Amazon

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