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Hobos With Light Sabers Battle It Out

An epic battle of the homeless, The force is strong in this city square. Two homeless people battle it out to see who will arise to the top of the food chain.


Dakota Skye Hula Hooping Is All We Need

Come hither and watch this petite blonde Dakota Skye brush up on her hula hooping skills in this SFW video.


How To Get A Girls Number (Using Her Own Advice)

How can they say no after that really? you sly bastids..


How To Hit On Girls At The Gym

Some advice for bros around the world, how to hit on a girl at the gym and pull it off.


This Kids The Real Deal.. Funny Interview With Party Host

After getting is supposedly awesome house party busted by the po-po he follows up the epic bash with a even more smashing news interview. This surely brought in swamps of excited hotties with soaking wet socks from stepping in mud puddles on the way to his front porch.. we expect.


Lambo Goes Up In Flames

Guy is showing off his lambos roar when it suddenly decides to catch flames in public. The driver just drives off with his car on fire, cause he's a badass.


The Fundamental Guide to KICKING ASS - HILLBILLIES

Where they share all of life tips on defeating your worst of enemies.

The Perfect Steak

Gordon Ramsay shows us how to cook the perfect steak, Rare, Medium Rare, and Well done.


Guy Stares Down An Attacking Moose

This dude gets charged at by a moose, starts yelling and stares him down. Balls of steel in this one.


Epic MMA Knockouts

Man these guys take some hits no wonder there ears turn into vegetables.


Backflip From The Roof

A daring dude performs a backflip from a roof and lands in a kneeling power rangers stance. Pro.

Girl Trying To Get A Kiss In NYC

She has some nuts, well not really. But i congradulate her persistence!


How The Physics Teacher Lost His Job

Ouch that looks to be a tid bit painful I expect


Martha Stewart Kills It At The Roast Of Justin Bieber

Martha Stewart takes the cake at the Roast of Justin Bieber last night.


Kid Shoots His Computer Screen With Airsoft Gun

Ooops, Grandma to the rescue!

Hannibal Buress Rips Heckler

Comedian tears heckler a new one at a comedy show.


Guy Talks Trash To A Possom

Why ya nose' keep runnin' boss?


Excuses Not To Go Out

Sometimes there's a legitimate reason and sometimes it's just hot air.


Giraffe Loose In Colorado

It's apparently pretty wild territory nowadays


Parking Lot Fight Escalates Quickly

That driver is a crazy dude

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