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You're Not A Handyman Until You Can Do This

He really nails this one.


Heckler Gets Destroyed By A Comedian

This is why you should just sip your drink, and laugh at the funny parts.


101 Ways To Open A Beer

Good guys to have handy if you're not drinkin' twist offs. 101 ways to open your beer like a boss


Miranda Kerr Strips Down For Reebok

HD Compatible! Such Luck. Watch Miranda Kerr hop around naked for her recent Reebok Skyscape feature.


Guy Stares Down An Attacking Moose

This dude gets charged at by a moose, starts yelling and stares him down. Balls of steel in this one.


How To Hit On Girls At The Gym

Some advice for bros around the world, how to hit on a girl at the gym and pull it off.


The Fundamental Guide to KICKING ASS - HILLBILLIES

Where they share all of life tips on defeating your worst of enemies.


The Six Ways You Can Try To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

Six ways you can try to squeeze yourself out of that small hole we call the friend zone.

Drunk Guy Starts A Fight, Loses

With a super saiyan punch to the jaw, saw that coming.


Blue Mountain State Recruitment Video

A spoof college recruitment video for Blue Mountain State


Beauty And The Beat

What it would look like if the classic Beauty and the Beast took place in the ghetto!

Comedian Heckled By Military Guy

Comedian gets heckled by a member of the military and reacts beautifully.


Motorcross 40m Stunt Jump

With a parachute, just in time.


Morning Motivation: The Real You

A good way to spend 4 minutes of your morning, a lecture by Alan Watts on the real you. Wake up and wake up!


Life Advice From Nirvana

The guys of Nirvana share some tips on life with us, Smart fellas they were.


An Epic Vine Compilation

Created by a college dude, the banana backflip is on key.


An Epic Fail Compilation

Ouch some of these hurt to watch, The jump into the river off the bridge is cringeworthy!


Backflip From The Roof

A daring dude performs a backflip from a roof and lands in a kneeling power rangers stance. Pro.

Heavenly Escalator Ride

One man, a group of hot girls, and an escalator. It's a formula for greatness.

The Perfect Steak

Gordon Ramsay shows us how to cook the perfect steak, Rare, Medium Rare, and Well done.

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