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PG Porn With Sasha Grey! Roadside Ass-Sistance

Sasha Grey is hott, clothes on or off!


You're Not A Handyman Until You Can Do This

He really nails this one.


The Best Bushisms

Watch the funniest moments of George W Bush


Louis C.K. "If God Came Back"

Louis C.K. makes a funny joke.


How To Get A Girls Number (Using Her Own Advice)

How can they say no after that really? you sly bastids..


5 Coolest Waterfalls To Visit Before You Die

Waterfalls can be very peaceful and relaxing. Here are the 5 coolest waterfalls to visit before you die.


The Coolest Guy In The World Is Back

Azo is back with his annual collection of stunts and tricks.


The Pick Pocket Prank

Unsuspecting suspects in this video it seems.


Bathroom Prank Gone Horribly Wrong

Ouch.. I don't that that's quite how he imagined this would play out.

Glow Stick Explodes In A Kids Face

Well this looks like it might have hurt a little bit. Who woulda known that's what happens when you put a glow stick in the microwave though? Science.

Motorcycle Outruns Police With Ease

This had my on the edge of my seat the whole time! Watch this motorcycle outrun the po-po like a pro pro.

The Best "Thug Life" Compilation

These kids are simply badass, Nuff' stated.


Rap Artist Gets Thrown To The Sea

All is well in photoshoot land until a blustery wind changes the tide in a magnificent show of when nature attacks.

Spose - Knocking On Wood

Sweet new song by Maine rap artist Spose.

Lambo Goes Up In Flames

Guy is showing off his lambos roar when it suddenly decides to catch flames in public. The driver just drives off with his car on fire, cause he's a badass.

10 Hours Of Kate Upton On The Catwalk

Y'know, if you got some spare time. You might just spend 10 hours today watching boobs. Because that's ok.

The Bear Whisperer

This guy right here. Nuts of silver plated titanium sprinkled with copper wire as pubic hair. Get outta' here bear

Interactive Porn - Sorority Secrets (SFW)

Interactive porn man, what's next? The future is here!

Kid Flexes So Hard That He Faints

It was close to 9,000 but it wasn't over 9,000. Yet.


Japans "The Bikini Game" Is An Interesting Show

I have no idea what's going on in this video, But I do like it.

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