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3 Extreme Examples of the Internet Destroying Relationships

You know how it goes. Your girl leans over your shoulder, wondering who that bimbo is you're talking to on Facebook. (Tell her it's your sister. If you live in Alabama, this might actually be true). The internet has ruined relationships in some pretty amusing ways, so read on and be glad you don't know any of these people.

20 Photos of Christine Hallauer

Mannnn... She's one good looking UFC Ring Girl! I'm almost contemplating training to be a profesional fighter just to get a little closer to her!

This Kids The Real Deal.. Funny Interview With Party Host

After getting is supposedly awesome house party busted by the po-po he follows up the epic bash with a even more smashing news interview. This surely brought in swamps of excited hotties with soaking wet socks from stepping in mud puddles on the way to his front porch.. we expect.

Ariana Grande Knows How To Perform

She puts on a better show than FXX running every Simpsons Episode every, which is almost equally as awesome. Either way Ariana Grande is a lovely girl and a talented peformer!

The Weirdest Real Conventions And Festivals Ever

Oh sure, you knew that there were some strange gatherings out there that tend to attract weird people, like Star Trek conventions or comic book conventions, but we'll bet that you've never heard of some of the more...obscure conventions out there. Read on to see if you could handle going to one of these events!

A Few Joe Rogan Quotes To Get You Introspective About Life

Joe Rogan.. You either love him or  hate him, I think the guys a genius fellow who has really taken his fame and used it in a productive way to spread informative knowledgable information on dropping DMT and picking it back up in other dimensions where the energy being roam. FREEM!NDS

This is What Happens When Computer Nerds Get Bored

We might make fun of computer nerds, but we forget that these are the people who control things like traffic lights, landing airplanes, and the stock market. This is what they get up to in their spare time.


Hotties In The Wild

We've added another set of photos to our collection of hot girls in the wild. Remember, you will not find any celebrities, models or magazine scans. We only host 100% real girl next door types!

5 Crazy Historical Weapons From Around the World

Since the dawn of time, man has looked for ever more insane methods of killing other men. These 5 weapons have achieved the apex of that insanity.

This Is What Happens When You Put A Woman Behind The Wheel

Okay okay.. So not all females are bad at driving. But these ones for sure are horrible behind the wheel!

The Top 3 Scariest, Weirdest Collections In The World

Most of us have collected something at some point in our lives. If we were normal, it was baseball cards. If we were weird, it was stamps. If we were virgins, it was Magic: The Gathering cards. But some people have collections that would frighten even the biggest Beanie Baby enthusiast—read on to be shocked and amused!

A Look At What The Minnesota Vikings Have In Store For Their 2014 Season

By all accounts, the Minnesota Vikings are not looking forward to a very successful 2014 season.


College Made Easy: The Cheat Sheet of Cheat Sheets

Have you ever noticed how the kids in school who never got caught cheating always devised brilliant, evil-genius-style plans to get away with it? These ideas potentially required more effort than just studying—but there's something about “sticking it to the man.”

3 Super Weird Places People Actually Live

Apparently, people will live just about anywhere, in any environment. So the next time you're lamenting your tiny one bedroom apartment, remember that you could be living in a billboard sign—no, really.

Mercedes Benz Thatís Worth $10 Million

Now that my friends is a pretty penny! Can you imagine spending 10 million dollars on a car? If you said yes you may need to seek a therapist to talk about your insane spending habits.

Hotties In The Wild

I just updated the hotties section, and it's awesome. Over 17,000 hot real girls compiled into one gallery for your viewing, gawking, and sharing pleasure. Ladies send your pics in and instantly become awesomer.

How To Hit On Girls At The Gym

Some advice for bros around the world, how to hit on a girl at the gym and pull it off.

Destiny Is Absolutely Beautiful

She sure is a gorgeous girl! Check out her photo gallery that was built and is maintained by none other than the Caveman himself.

The Most Amazing Real Life Wilderness Survival Stories

Folks who have actually had the harrowing experience of actually having to survive in the wilderness, with limited resources and little hope of rescue, must be pretty insulted by the show Survivor and similar “reality” television tripe. Read on to hear about some of the most amazing and real wilderness survival stories.


Things You Do On The Internet When You're Drunk

Back in the day, the worst combination of technology and alcohol was drunk dialing with a phone—computers and the internet have changed the game entirely. Here's a list of things that you're most likely to do the next time you get wasted and decide to “quickly check your Facebook.”

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