Chelina Manuhutu is the International Babe of the Day

September 30, 2008 - 8:30 am | Permalink

Chelina is a Dutch super-mega-ultra hottie. Too bad we're going to have to settle for these "Sears catalog" type photos until she becomes more mainstream here in the states.

Chelina Manuhutu sexy in lingerie.
Chelina Manuhutu in a green bikini.
Chelina Manuhutu in a red bikini.
Chelina Manuhutu in a gold bikini.
Chelina Manuhutu in a yellow bra and thong.
Chelina Manuhutu topless in a white thong.
Chelina Manuhutu has nice cleavage.
Chelina Manuhutu in soccer bikini.
Chelina Manuhutu in a black thong.

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