Cosplay spotlight  megan coffey 14 aa9364f0 featured Cosplay Spotlight: Megan Coffey

I like my cosplayers like I like my misspelled beverages... Coffey.

Elizabeth banks power rangers promotional photos 02 73e25533 featured Elizabeth Banks Power Rangers Promotional Photos

Elizabeth Banks is awesome and her involvement along with that of Bryan Cranston and Bill Hader has me at least a little bit intrigued by this new movie.

Cosplay spotlight ny wintercon 10 81f6ac93 featured Cosplay Spotlight: NY Wintercon

Whether you like busty babes dressed like Rogue or baseball furies fromThe Warriors, NY Wintercon was the place to see some triuly fantastic cosplayers!

Cosplay spotlight lindsay elyse 16 51fdc277 featured Cosplay Spotlight: Lindsay Elyse

The lovely Lindsay Elyse has stolen our hearts with her sensational cosplaying abilities.

Celebrities attend the 2016 comic con in sao paulo  07 60d1dd44 featured Celebrities Attend The 2016 Comic Con Experience in Sao Paulo

Vin Diesel pumped up the crowd at the 2016 Sao Paulo Comic Con Experience

Cosplayers from tokyo comic con 04 dc681f5a featured Cosplayers From Tokyo Comic Con

The cosplayers at Tokyo Comic Con showed us westerners a thing or two about seriously committed cosplaying.

Throwback nicole kidman in batman forever photoshoot 06 93c7f2d1 featured Flashback Friday: Nicole Kidman In Batman Forever

There is one thing I'll giveBatman Forever, though, and that's Nicole Kidman. Man she was a fox in that movie...

Cosplay spotlight okicospi 03 44e19b62 featured Cosplay Spotlight: OkiCospi

We feature lots of the best cosplayers here on Double Viking, so it's only natural that we'd get around to the gorgeous OkiCospi!

Carrie fisher signs  the princess diarist  at barnes and noble 05 6381fbbd featured Carrie Fisher Signs 'The Princess Diarist' At Barnes And Noble

Carrie Fisher is one crazy, crazy woman, but she's also seventy kinds of awesome.

Cosplay spotlight tasha does league of legends 05 0d67c56a featured Cosplay Spotlight: Tasha Does League Of Legends

I wasn't familiar withcosplayer Tashabefore today, but I'd say consider me her newest fan!

Cosplay spotlight hannah indigo 05 e5afe124 featured Cosplay Spotlight Hannah Indigo

According to her Facebook page, Hannah Indigo is a "Cosplayer and Special FX Make Up Artist from the UK," but that only scratches the surface

Rachael taylor and krysten ritter film  defenders  in nyc 04 7bdc0e71 featured Rachael Taylor And Krysten Ritter Film 'Defenders' In NYC

Well, it looks like Trish is going to be onThe Defenders.

Celebrities attend rhode island comic con 10 19f18eaa featured Celebrities Attend Rhode Island Comic Con

The stars were out in Rhode Island of all places last weekend for the Rhode Island Comic Con.

Stan lee receives lifetime achievement award at rhode island comic con 01 aed95b3e featured Stan Lee Receives Lifetime Achievement Award At Rhode Island Comic Con

Stan Lee takes shit like this seriously

Scenes from the hero festival in marseille 07 e542b86e featured Scenes From HeroFestival In Marseille

This comic con-esque event for the Frenchies brought out some great cosplayers, who met and mingled on the floor of the con while waiting to meet special guests like one of...

Jaime king escorted by storm troopers at rogue one recon a star wars 360 experience 05 ee08814f featured Jaime King Escorted By Stormtroopers At Rogue One Recon A Star Wars 360 Experience

Jaime King has serious geek cred thanks to her roles in theSin Cityfilm series—not to mention her role in one of my favorite underrated comedies,Slackers.