Phcrp1484579658 f87c3dbe featured Steve's Top Ten Films of 2016

Steve's 10 best films of the year, none of which are comic book related (sorry!)

Zack snyder facebook a48b663b featured Jason Momoa Calls Zack Snyder a "Genius", For Some Reason

We know he pays your bills, Jason, but come on!

Screen shot 2017 01 12 at 12 21 31 pm ae7e0212 featured Add Dwayne Johnson to the List of People Proclaiming a More Fun DCEU is On the Way

Let's have some fucking fun for once in our lives!

6udlt1484154551 7c9ab4a7 featured Future Dispatches of Movie Merchandise From Hell: 'Kong: Skull Island'

I used to write a column titled Movie Merchandise from Hell, and now it's back because these toys for Kong: Skull Island are the worst thing I've seen in quite some time.

Travolta hydra b2dbb1c1 featured John Travolta Recruits Celebs to Join Hydra at Golden Globes Party

Hydra's infilitration of Hollywood has gotten out of control

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Behind-the-scenes gossip from the shows and movies.

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Places that seem to beautiful to be real.

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Inspiring music from worlds of adventure.

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The inside scoop on your favorite movies and shows.

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Double Viking's editorial staff makes some bold predictions about the comic book movies due out in 2017

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Laughter Is Coming.

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Clementine and Elanora weigh in on the best films of 2016

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Space exploration in 2017 and beyond.

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The best in books, TV, movies, and more.

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Tantalizing clues from the film's first footage.

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Here's what the Double Viking staff is doing, watching, seeing, reading, and otherwise consuming over our extended break...