Brave New World: 5 INSANE Things That Can Be Bought and Sold Online

Breast Milk

crazy things sold online

Online breast milk marketplaces are becoming ever more popular, apparently. Expecting women, or new mothers, can go online and either sell their boob juice for a little extra pocket change, or buy another woman’s milk to feed her own child with.

Human milk might be best, but with some research showing online-bought breast milk containing infection causing bacteria, and even bacteria from fecal matter; maybe formula isn’t so bad after all.

Radioactive Material

crazy things sold online

Certain websites offer these dubious items for sale within the US. Why anyone would want to own their own radioactive isotope, I have no idea, but according to the website, they offer “safe, affordable nuclear radiation sources for industry & hobbyists”, and this is “legal to buy & own with no license required!”

If you want to keep radioactive material in your living space, just be careful; it probably won’t be so “safe” once you get a leak.

Chemical Grenades

crazy things sold online

Tear gas grenades, usually reserved for use by riot police and special ops, are available to the public through the wonder of internet shopping. Whether you need to disperse an angry mob, or incapacitate your enemies just long enough to subdue them and/or rescue all those hostages the average Joe finds himself in charge of saving all the time, you’ll find everything you need to get the job done.


crazy things sold online

Very recently, a young, Russian girl sold her first sexual experience for less than $30,000. The 18 year old – wisely using the nickname Shatuniha, instead of her real name - advertised on an online auction site describing her condition as 'new - not used'.

“I am in urgent need of money, so I am selling the most precious thing I possess,” she said on the auction site.

After having her virginity verified, she met the winning bidder in a hotel in Siberia for some cold, new experiences.

No such luck for guys, though; last year, a Russian man attempted to sell his virginity and received the princely sum of $1,300.


crazy things sold online

In 2011, a Chinese teen identified only by his surname, "Zheng", confessed to his mother that he had sold the kidney after spotting an online advertisement offering cash to anyone prepared to become an organ donor.

The price for one of the most important organs in your body? Less than $4,000.

The reason? He wanted to buy an iPad 2.

At that point, you almost deserve the lifelong complications; the dialysis machine was surely not the only thing taking the piss out of “Zheng” when this story got out.

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