Bizarre Crimes You Won't Believe Actually Happened

The Blind Bank Robber

bizarre crimes

Who says the handicapped can't do the things the rest of us enjoy on a daily basis? Like taking a walk in the park or spending time with a loved one or robbing a bank. Pictured is Robert Toye, an enthusiastic criminal who didn't let his disability stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Here's the best part: Toye was actually pretty damn good at robbing banks for a dude that couldn't describe to you what a hundred dollar bill looks like. He committed 17 bank robberies (that we know of) and could pull down $15,000-20,000 each.

Toye was eventually caught and incarcerated. He once tried to escape from prison but was stopped after he ran into a tree at full speed. That's not a joke.

Far More Entertaining Than West Side Story

bizarre crimes

What started the trend of “dance off” style movies? You know the ones—those really awful movies where teenagers (played by Hollywood starlets in their late 20s) settle their differences with intense “dance battles”. There was a time a few years ago where the phrase “you got served” made me vomit on a semi-regular basis.

Anyway, a real life dance off actually happened in Bangkok last year. A couple of rival Thai gangs happened to be at the same restaurant, and presumably after they finished their Kuay Tiew noodles, they started “dancing provocatively” at one another in the Gangnam style of dance.

Unlike the movies where these dance battles ultimately end in personal growth and a strengthening of the bonds of friendship, this real-life dance off ended in a shootout. So, after the dancing was over, the two gangs started shooting at each other in the restaurant.

Talk about dinner and a show.

$500 Million Unsolved Art Heist

bizarre crimes

You know how art heists are portrayed to be these super elaborate, incredibly complex crimes that only the most brilliant minds can pull off, a la Ocean's 11?

Yeah, well, in real life it's apparently pretty easy. In 1990, a couple of guys dressed as police officers strolled up to the entrance of the Gardner Museum in Boston. They asked the security guards to let them in, and assuming they were actual cops, the security guys complied.

Once inside, the robbers tied up the security guards and robbed the place of $500 million bucks worth of super rare art. They took their time too, hanging out for nearly an hour and a half before leaving. They've never been caught.

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