Be Glad They're Extinct: 3 Bizarre Dinosaurs You Never Learned About

The Stygimoloch

Even the name Stygimoloch is scary. It sounds like the name of a villain from a b-rated sword and sorcery flick from the 80's, trying to capitalize on Conan's success (which is a story for another time, did you know that there were about 50 of those? They were all awful). The deep voiced movie trailer narrator might have said something like, “In a world where an evil wizard named Stygimoloch is sacrificing virgins to open a portal to the underworld, one man with a destiny can save the land...”


The real Stygimoloch was much, much scarier than the idea of paying for tickets to see a movie that bad though. The name means “horned demon from the river of hell.” Well, judging by the skull in the image you see above, that's probably pretty accurate. It had the largest and boniest skull of any other dinosaur in its genus—and it would have eaten you in about two bites.


Reptile Bats on Steroids

Depicted in the image above is a recreation of what Jeholopterus probably looked like—which was basically a large reptilian bat-like creature. Now, you might not think that it's incredibly terrifying as far as dinosaurs go, with the likes of a T-Rex and all for competition, and you'd be right. If it were alone. Imagine 50 of these suckers hunting in a pack, and every single one of them is looking for an easy lunch.


Alligator + Dinosaur = Terrifying

Meet the creature known as Suchomimus. This dinosaur was basically a combination of the raptors that wanted to eat everyone's faces in Jurassic Park, but with the mouth and jaw of a mother-flipping crocodile. And there's actually some truth to that—suchomimus and the crocodile share a common ancestor. Researchers are pretty sure that it used it's long snout to catch fish, much like its predecessors did, but as we all known crocs will take a nice, healthy bite out of a human if they're given the chance. This is basically a crocodile that could chase after you on dry land (and have a very good chance of catching you). Thanks, meteor impact!


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