Super bowl 2017 trailers 00a75ab3 featured Videos Guardians 2, Logan, and More Trailers From Last Night's Super Bowl

For people such as myself who couldn't give a shit less about football, the Super Bowl means one thing: Empty aisles at the grocery store!

Zack snyder jpg ecbf217a web c4314846 featured Opinions Now There's a Petition to Let Zack Snyder Direct More DCEU Films

What the fuck, internet?

Screen shot 2016 03 14 at 9 57 17 am png 8bc14f1d web c1890c97 featured News Eurotrash McSoulpatch Shares New 'Batman v Superman' Bat Creature Art

His motto: No socks, no underwear, no protection.

140207 2721885 velvet jones anvver 3 68aeb740 featured News Taika Waititi Wants 'Thor: Ragnarok' to Bring You to the Brink of Ecstasy

Even I don't understand my references anymore

Kong featured 03dea16c featured News 'Kong: Skull Island' Poster Unleashes the Horror... The Horror!

The makers of Kong: Skull Island are really laying on the 70s nostalgia thick in this new IMAX Poster

Doctor strange facebook 001dc7ad featured News 'Doctor Strange' Gets, You Guessed It, Strange New Blu-ray Promo

Wanna see a thirty second ad for Doctor Strange run backwards then forward? Then have I got the blu-ray promotional trailer for you!

Screen shot 2017 02 01 at 9 36 08 am 9ab27069 featured News Our First (Sorta) Look at 'Star Trek: Discovery'

Boldly going straight to the internet, more than likely

Ben affleck batman promo 9fbdd5df featured Opinions Five Actors Who Could Replace Ben Affleck as Batman

For the sake of something fun to do while we sit around and wait to die, let's speculate on actors who could take over the role today

Chris miller twittier screen shot h 2017 3a244d45 featured News Phil Lord and Chris Miller Kick Off the Han Solo Movie on the Right Foot

This is a rather cheeky way to let us know that filming has commenced

Millie bobby brown godzilla 44542aca featured News Every Little Step Millie Bobby Brown Takes, Godzilla Will Be There

No word on whether or not she will follow in her namesake's footsteps and record a rap that sums up the plot of the film as the other Bobby Brown did forGhostbusters 2.

Bin diesel bad idea a39e2aa2 featured News Vin Diesel, King of Terrible Decision Making, Wants a Groot Spinoff Movie

Allow him to act it out for you, he'll gladly do that.

Screen shot 2017 01 25 at 12 15 44 pm 44faafca featured News The Gang's Mostly Here in First 'Aquaman' Cast Pic

This picture sends a powerful message to Johnny Depp

The paradise snare cover 600x992 f8ea717b featured News Is Woody Harrelson Playing a Character from the (Allegedly Abandoned) Star Wars Expanded Universe?

If you're one of those people who was pissed off when Disney decided to jettison the already established Star Wars Expanded Universe when they took over, I'm not sure what...

Deadpool 6011d30f featured News Remember When We Thought 'Deadpool' Might Get a Best Picture Nomination? Ha! What a Laugh!

Alas, it wasn't meant to be.

Screen shot 2017 01 23 at 12 22 13 pm 57dcfbe6 featured News Pic Leaks of Black Suit Superman... But There's No Mullet!!!!

Take one last look at that mullet, because it's not gonna be in the movie

C2t1o12 uaaef4bvb cc40d959 featured News 'Black Panther' Brings Back Martin Freeman Because Why the Hell Not?

Every movie need more Bilbo#ThisMovieNeedsMoreBilbo