Screen shot 2016 04 15 at 2 46 42 pm png ba7850a3 featured Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy in 90 Seconds

The creative minds over a Burger Fiction have de-fluffed the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy, condensing Batman Begins (2005), The Dark Knight (2008), and The Dark Knight...

Screen shot 2016 04 13 at 3 27 05 pm png dad175d8 featured Marvel Releases First Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer

The first ever teaser trailer for the upcoming Doctor Strange movie adaptation was released yesterday, and the internet is freaking out.

Youngblood deadpool jpg 9e337fac featured Animated Demo Has Us Asking: Is Youngblood the New Deadpool?

The folks behind Rob Liefeld's money machine 'Deadpool' are looking for a new hit, and 'Youngblood' may just be the answer. Check out a 1993 animated demo for the series,...


Screen shot 2016 02 29 at 1 58 45 pm png 88df51bd featured Five Second Break: Swinging iPhone Hack is the Coolest Thing You'll See Today

The centriphone allows you to make insane videos, until you smash your iPhone into someone's face.

Gallerymovies 1920x1080 ss 08020r 56709e0eba4af9 77521493 jpg 5b9b148d featured Five Second Break: You Need This Breathtaking Harley Quinn Leg Lamp

The Louvre just closed its doors because this Harley Quinn leg lamp makes everything else look like trash.

Screen shot 2016 02 29 at 2 23 34 pm png 43deb5fd featured Five Second Break: Working LEGO Orrery is Unbelievably Precise

Remember making LEGO swords as a kid, where you stack as many of the bricks on top of one another as possible then smash it into your friend? JK Brickworks, the man behind...

Screen shot 2016 02 29 at 2 34 23 pm png 96c738d5 featured Five Second Break: No Ethnically Diverse LEGO Men Harmed in LEGO Oscar Roundup

Oscars so white, this stop animation video of all the Best Picture nominees so cool.

Screen shot 2016 02 22 at 4 09 24 pm png 78718657 featured Five Second Break: Scary AF Homemade Roller Coaster on Float

How is he not dead?

Screen shot 2016 02 22 at 3 48 31 pm png 677a5d35 featured Five Second Break: This T-Rex on a Trampoline Matters

Backflip skills of prehistoric proportions!


Morgan freeman waze png f823661b featured Five Second Break: Morgan Freeman Brings Your Route Closer to God

Adjust your Waze settings to heavenly.

X files coloring book 3 jpg 593bb11a featured Five Second Break: I Believe This 'X-Files' coloring Book Didn't Take Long to Make

This official X-Files coloring book costs $12, which—from the looks of it—is also how much money it took to produce.

Edible spoon maker jpg f4fde692 featured Five Second Break: Everyday is Amazing With an Edible Spoon Maker

Think about all the Nutella you're gonna scarf down with these.

P0v9nxhcwakehdqkbp7m png e689e266 featured Five Second Break: How to Thwart Off Shitty Future Twitter

Learn how to keep your Twitter in reverse chronological order!

Screen shot 2016 02 15 at 4 03 51 pm png 7350258b featured Five Second Break: Get a Behind the Scenes Look at Pixar

So THAT'S how Pixar movies are made.

Screen shot 2016 02 15 at 3 46 25 pm png 6559a63e featured Five Second Break: Become an Alcohol Wizard With This Cocktail

Make your friends jealous with this insane drink.


Chopsticks jpg 1911303e featured Five Second Break: You've Been Using Disposable Chopsticks All Wrong

This guy's Twitter post is going viral after revealing the chopstick hack you didn't know you needed.