Fear walking dead jpg 49393291 featured News 'Fear the Walking Dead' Debuts Water Zombies, Crushes All Our Final Hopes of Survival

TV is determined to not only make you think the apocalypse is coming, but that you'll never find a way to survive it, and prequel series Fear the Walking Dead is certainly...

Nervanaheader png 3700f87c featured Using These Crazy Headphones Might Be Better Than Getting High

And it's all thanks to dopamine.

Kanyeeeee jpg 2b27c2e3 featured Kanye West Is Lord Voldemort and a Future Police Officer, Nothing Makes Any Sense

Let's get real for about three minutes. Kanye West in an asshat. A narcissistic, blasphemous, batshit crazy asshat. But he's also fucking brilliant.


Seatlleaquarium jpg 46689ed9 featured Octopi Orgy Cancelled Because of Cannibalism

Here's something you don't see everyday: An octupi orgy planned for public viewing!

Chipsomodevillagettyimages jpg 68dd5226 featured Exorcists, Robots, and Spray Tans, Oh My!

This election is bat shit crazy. Or it's a reality TV show. Or a circus. All of the above?

Kenheader jpg 9891751b featured Dad Bod Ken Is Here to Help You Live Out All Your Keg-Crushing Fantasies

Because we all have them.

Bern jpg 2f7d12ac featured The Best of the Bernie Sanders Memes

Between Bernie, Don, and Hill, there's not exactly a shortage of polarizing presidential candidates. Many folks have claimed that Trump is a blasphemous sociopath, that...

Passwordsfinal jpg 7aae9ec4 featured The Most Popular Passwords of 2015 Are Terrifying

How could we let this happen?

Planet93 jpg 1cc309c5 featured BREAKING: Sneaky-ass extra planet in our solar system playing Hide and Seek

Jokes on Earth, guys.


Plizzanetearth jpg 9b71646a featured Lists Snoop Dogg Narrates Planet Earth, Reminds Us That the Interior of His Brain Is Earth's 8th Wonder

"This is a seal. What is he doing acting like a dolphin?"

Xfkvc jpg b214e670 featured Lists This Is How You Taco Cleanse

Because margaritas really, really are supplements.

Howyou llprobdie png ec20e817 featured Let's Get Morbid: This Is How You're Most Likely to Die

If you've spent many years avoiding contemplating your impending doom and all the gruesome ways in which it could come about, I apologize.

Header jpg 971a6a65 featured That Crocheted Potholder Your Aunt Gave You Is Shit—Trade It for Some Skittles Here

Life is too short to use that police siren alarm clock.

Avatar1 jpg 90a27fd8 featured News It's About to Get Trippy: James Cameron Talks the Future of Avatar and Cirque du Soleil

You know, it's fitting that the Chaotic Swirl of Blue and Purple that is the Avatar franchise was somewhat informed by Cirque du Soleil. Because that's more or less what...

Thegriswoldfamilychristmas jpg dc31ccf2 featured Secret of the Booze Is Here to Make Your Holiday Celebration Marginally Bearable

It's a fact: No one will think you're an alcoholic if you're making cute, holiday-themed drinks.


Voldytrump jpg 8dfd9c19 featured Donald Trump, Captain of Slytherin, Can Disappear From Your Internetz Completely

We've known for some time now that Oompa-Loompa-in-a-wig Donald Trump is an insidious, unintelligible man with the IQ of a gerbil, but recent comparisons made between His...