Mini magick20151015 9904 1jou6fl jpg 2f31ba62 featured Lists 5 Things Nobody Pays For Anymore Because of the Internet

The internet has given us so much more than just access to the entirety of human knowledge within a few keystrokes. Without the internet, we'd be paying for all kinds of...

Mini magick20151015 9904 dpqzpq jpg e13d50d0 featured Lists 5 Strange, Bizarre or Just Plain Cool Knives

As guys, most of us have had a strange obsession with knives since early childhood, probably starting well before our dads gave us our first pocketknife. It's the ultimate...

Mini magick20151015 9904 irqpb4 jpg 239ca158 featured Lists 4 Stupid But Effective Publicity Stunts That Made Headlines

It's always amazing what captures the public eye—and most of the time it's really stupid stuff. Read on to see some of the dumbest but most effective publicity stunts that...

Will 16375 jpg b0a8ac88 web Lists
Healthy Habits to Improve Your Appearance

Want to look better? here's some tips to look better without making any huge changes. unless you're really messing up now, then maybe.

The Worlds 3 Kinkiest Sex Toys

Are you into kinky sex? Well if so you will surely be entertained by this array of crazy kinky sex toys we have found around the world. Sexuality can be broadened, and...

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Top 10: Poker Hotties

If you love poker games, you probably love watching poker games on TV. And yes, if you love watching the poker games on TV, then you probably adore those poker hotties.

Mini magick20151015 9904 19h5nkv jpg 37c8773c featured Lists Accidentally Rich: 3 Inventions That Started As Mistakes

You know how everyone always tells you that you shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes? Except that when you make a mistake, this advice is suddenly forgotten? Well, for...

Mini magick20151015 9904 fftgev jpg b46f1167 featured Lists Haven't Been Kicked Off a Plane Yet? You Will Soon!

<!-- &lt;! @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } &gt; --> If these people's stories are anything to go by, we can deduce that airlines are...

Mini magick20151015 9904 51b9ll png 607f7cb6 featured Lists Must See: 8 Strange and Hilarious Craigslist Ads

Have you visited everyone's favorite auction site lately? You can buy cars, rent apartments, and have "casual encounters" with women that almost certainly won't give you...

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Two Fisherman Vs A Shark Go Pro

These guys spearfishing happened to be rocking a Go Pro when a shark decides to make an appearance.

Badazz180x80 17137 jpg 04d89865 web Lists
Serious Badass Takes On 7 Gang Members

After being attacked while driving through, he brings some serious baseball bat to forehead action.

Mini magick20151015 9904 1hlrqe9 jpg 7bd01493 featured Lists Top 3 Most Disgusting And Scary Looking Animals On The Planet

Oh, sure. You might think you've seen some pretty scary horror movies. You might have gone through a haunted house and got a few scares this last Halloween. But the...

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Believe it or not, there are other things you can do with vodka besides drinking too much of it and waking up next to a she-beast the next morning. Some of the uses are...

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8th grade science might not have been so incredibly boring if they had taught you about these dinosaurs. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn't too long ago that absolute...

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How to make a woman happy may be one of the most complicated task on this planet.

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Apparently, people will live just about anywhere, in any environment. So the next time you're lamenting your tiny one bedroom apartment, remember that you could be living...