Stan the man lee d94d5f7e featured News Fox to Produce “Action Adventure Movie” Based on Stan Lee’s Life

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

Brie larson marvel hat be0f5435 featured News Brie Larson Has “Very Specific Reasons” For Doing Captain Marvel

Brie Larson's going to take on Male Hollywood single-handed. Are you going to try and stop her?!

Thor ragnarok 6bcffcf4 featured News New Set Photos Reveal ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Plot Details

Warning: potential major plot spoilers ahead for at least one Marvel movie.


Captain marvel b9314d6c featured News Russo Brothers Tease Captain Marvel in ‘Infinity War’

Directors reveal there's at least one new character debuting in the next 'Avengers' movie.

Zendaya fc39b331 featured News Zendaya Mary Jane Watson Rumors Cause Public Outcry

Zendaya has been outed by some as the MCU's Mary Jane Watson. Not everyone's happy about that.

Jane foster thor 2 8a1fb3b6 featured News Natalie Portman on the MCU: “As far as I know I’m done.”

The star of 'Black Swan' confirms she's definitely not in 'Thor: Ragnarok'.

Man of steel skulls ca9b37a9 featured News Deborah Snyder Says You’re Wrong for Thinking ‘Man of Steel’ is Dark

"He’s going through real problems that we go through as people every day." Like sinking into a pit of human skulls.

Harley quinn injustice 2 e6833916 featured News ‘Injustice 2’ To Feature Harley Quinn, Deadshot, and More

The new trailer for DC's fighting game sequel features an awful lot of the two breakout stars from 'Suicide Squad' (and, just like the movie, the Joker is nowhere to be...

Mallory jansen c2cb2eed featured News Mallory Jansen from ‘Galavant’ to Play a Robot on ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

Marvel Studios has decided on their vision of the perfect sexy robot, and it's Mallory Jansen. She should either be flattered, or creeped out, but nobody's sure which...


Guardians of the galaxy 227e4d41 featured News James Gunn Turned Down DC Movies Before ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Apparently, DC was all over James Gunn before he signed up to do 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. Now, though, the director isn't even sure if he'll return for 'Guardians Vol 3'....

Superman black costume df10ff98 featured News Henry Cavill Teases Black Superman Suit

If Cavill's Instagram is to be believed, Superman might be even more grumpy in 'Justice League' - if such a thing is even possible.

Shazam a463bd24 featured News It’s Official: Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Shazam!’ Will be Part of the DCEU

Johnson's co-producer for the film says 'Shazam!' will be connected to 'Justice League', but very different in tone and style.

David mazouz d2c3c76c featured News Young Bruce Wayne Actor Wants Superboy in ‘Gotham’

David Mazouz wants a young Clark Kent to turn up in Gotham, or to have him referenced as an Easter Egg. With DC's current policy towards its TV shows, though, this seems...

Mini magick20151015 9904 8ll5bb jpg ed432f37 featured Lists The 3 Manliest Flavors of Ice Cream That Actually Exist

It's hard to find a human being alive on the planet that doesn't enjoy a good bowl of ice cream: it's the perfect snack, and its popularity doesn't decline during the...

Mini magick20151015 9904 umt4xb jpg 3f009681 featured Lists Top 5 Spiciest Foods on the Planet: Are You Man Enough?

Are you the kind of guy who likes a little kick in his meals? See if you can handle some of the hottest foods in the world.


3 jpg 5bc871f1 featured Lists 5 Laws from Around the World That Make No Sense

There are some laws that seem designed not to keep us safe, happy or even as an incentive to just not be a dick. Let's talk about some of the worst (and funniest, if you're...