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Green lantern ryan reynolds 05e875c8 featured News Duncan Jones Fixes 'Green Lantern' with New Pitch Idea

It seems the trick is to make audiences not hate the main character. Who could have guessed?!

Gta5 fe04d4b7 featured News Better Invest In A Good Crash Helmet—AI Agents Are Learning How To Drive From Grand Theft Auto V

This isn't alarming at all...

Will smith dubo 33ea069c featured News Well, This Is The Weirdest Headline I Have Ever Written: Will Smith Might Star In Tim Burton's Dumbo

Well, I have no idea what to make of this, other than the fact that 2017 is already going out of it's way to fuck with all of us—Disney is making a live-action Dumbo movie,...


Deadpool x force 796c8d56 featured News 'Deadpool 2' To "Set Up" 'X-Force' Movie

Writers promise this blatant advertizing will at least be a little more subtle than Amazing Spider-Man.

Cosplay spotlight cassandra may 10 d8da1fbd featured Photos Cosplay Spotlight: Cassandra May

Is Cassandra May your manic pixie dream girl?

Princess leia cgi 6a65392b featured News Lucasfilm Quashes Rumors of a CGI Carrie Fisher

Suddenly, Disney finds the idea of reanimating the dead with computers to be offensive.

Sigourney2 097b3e65 featured News Veteran Badass Lady Sigourney Weaver's Character Revealed For Defenders

The internet has been trying to guess which famous Marvel baddie would be played by Alien's Sigourney Weaver since it was announced that she'd signed on for the show. Well,...

General organa carrie fisher d13050ee featured News Disney is in Talks With Fisher Estate Over the Future of Princess Leia

Still the best Disney Princess of all time.

Liefeeeeeld 9904afbc featured News I Shouldn't Be Enjoying This As Much As I Do: Rob Liefeld Goes To Golden Globes, Is Mistaken For Eager Fanboy

I love the 90s Rob Liefeld comic aesthetic in the same way that I love Batman Forever, The Room, and Cool As Ice—because it's unapologetic and earnest and hopelessly,...


Zack snyder facebook a48b663b featured Opinions Jason Momoa Calls Zack Snyder a "Genius", For Some Reason

We know he pays your bills, Jason, but come on!

Sterling k brown green lantern cf67b009 featured News Sterling K Brown Wants To Play John Stewart in 'Green Lantern Corps'

Silly Sterling K Brown! You're already signed on to Black Panther!

Han solo movie 021016 febf2875 featured News Woody Harrelson Will Make Sure Han Solo Doesn't Get Munsoned in the Middle of Nowhere

The question now is, will he be bringing the landlady from Kingpin along for the ride too?

Phoenix 759d6f1c featured News Is the Next 'X-Men' Movie Titled 'Supernova'?

Rumors suggest the next movie is taking us to space, and that's kind of awesome.

Negasonic teenage warhead 8e5c28c0 featured News Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus Will Return for 'Deadpool 2'

They were the only characters cheap enough to agree to turn up.

Jeff bridges darkseid 35938d1f featured News No, Jeff Bridges Isn't Darkseid in 'Justice League'

Rumors are not to be trusted for a very good reason.


Screen shot 2017 01 12 at 12 21 31 pm ae7e0212 featured Opinions Add Dwayne Johnson to the List of People Proclaiming a More Fun DCEU is On the Way

Let's have some fucking fun for once in our lives!