Starwarscover jpg 6b1bec4d featured Photos

The Force Takes Crappy Photos—I Went To Toronto ComiCon And Took Bad Photos Of Great Star Wars Cosplay

Screen shot 2016 06 30 at 2 20 46 pm 4df3a5f5 featured News

'Walking Dead' Actor Angling to Play One of Marvel's Dumbest Characters

Wanna see a Sentry movie?

Why mads mikkelsen is playing kaecilius not dormammu in doctor strange close enough 1039727 a5376bcb featured News

Some Info Concerning Mads Mikkelsen's Doctor Strange Villain

A brief history of the character Kaecilius, as being portrayed in Doctor Strange by Mads Mikkelsen.

Scarlett johansson black widow 101035 c838eb80 featured News

Scarlett Johansson Becomes Highest Grossing Actress of All-Time

Find out where she ranks among her male counterparts!.

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'Wreck-It Ralph' to Get the Sequel Treatment

The untitled sequel is slated for a March 9, 2018 release date.

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Marvel Clowns DC, Fox, and Comic Book Movies in 'Spider-Man/Deadpool' No...

They take on Batman v Superman, The X-Men, and More!.

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Tom Hanks and Clint Eastwood Are Coming For All Your Oscars

Nail 'em down, because they're not leaving without every last one of them.

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Your Mom is Totally Gonna Want to See 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Now

They're gonna be getting Cagney and Lacey all up in this piece!.

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Three New 'Star Trek Beyond' Ads, Lots of New Footage

I sure am getting tired of all these star treks #TitularLine.

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A Much Better Look at Tom Holland's New Spidey Suit

These pics are in focus!.

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Phil Lord and Chris Miller Promises 'The LEGO Batman Movie' Chock Full o...

Die hard Batman fans are in for a real treat next February!.

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Warner Brothers Releases First Ten Minutes of 'Batman v Superman: Fully ...

Check out what additions have been made just to the first ten minutes of the movie!.

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J.K. Simmons Sets the Record Straight on Those Buff Pics

No, shockingly, it's not because Zack Snyder demands all his actors get insanely ripped.

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Behind the Scenes Pics of Aquaman, Cyborg, and The Flash's Batman v Supe...

It's a pic bonanza from the set of Zack Snyder's latest flick.

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Squad Yourself with XTREME New 'Suicide Squad' Logo Generator

This whole movie can go Squad Itself.

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'Drive' Director Nicolas Winding Refn Almost Directed 'Wonder Woman'

What buxom actress did he want to play the role, and what other DC film would he like to direct?

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The 'Minecraft' Movie Has a Release Date, No Script

It does have a director as well, just in case you were curious.